Monday, 22 April 2013

Jam Packed Jam Pack

A local Worcester Parkarian who spent years photographing the Jam and did their Absolute Beginners record sleeve in 1981 has had a book of his images published and has offered a pack of souvenirs and images plus an invitation to the book launch in Soho to one lucky blog reader to celebrate.

Photographer Derek D Souza who lives in Brinkley Road was a huge fan of the band and took hundreds of photos of them in the late 70’s and early 80’s, many of which have been compiled into his new book ‘In The Crowd’ which will be released on the 1st of May. (Presale discounts are available at the moment).

Derek is offering one blog reader a jam packed Jam pack containing a souvenir pack of postcards, wristband and plectrum, catalogue book of 20 images that will be in the book and an 8x10 print of Paul Weller (all signed by the photographer) plus an invitation to the book launch evening in a soho gallery where 20 of the images will be displayed in life size.

As this should really go to a real Jam fan I am posing a question that will be eye rollingly simple for any Jam fan to answer but may stump the rest of us a bit. (No cheating and going and looking it up on the internet the rest of you!)

The Question: What are the names of Jam band members?

So to win this jammy prize just email the blog asking for the Jam pack with the answer to the above question and include your name, address and contact details. (The Worcester Park Blog's descision is final.)

Update: We have our winner so no more emails please!