Sunday, 14 April 2013

Are you sitting comfortably?

A new seat has recently appeared at the top of Browning Avenue and Lindsay Road. Like several other things reported recently on the Blog, this is the results of money won by local residents in the Council’s Participatory Budget event from May last year when local residents voted for which local projects would receive the necessary funding.

John Evers from the Worcester Park Residents Association presented the case for the replacement bench at the top of Browning Avenue so that elderly people would have somewhere to have a rest if walking from roads near Clarkes Avenue to the high street. Residents of Worcester Park, North Cheam and Stonecot voted through the £800 required and the replacement seat was secured.

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Parkerilla said...

We're also getting a new bus stop by Rumours bar called Brabham Court, the PA systems on the 151 and 213 buses have been announcing it as a working stop for the last week or so but its still under construction.

Lord Cynic said...

£800??? - no wonder our Council Tax is so high. Contractors love their local authority work - it's their licence to charge inflated and unrealistic prices across the board. Still, it's nice to see a bench for the old folk and the new tree in the background.

A said...

Is this stop going to be placed next to the traffic island in order to conveniently prevent traffic passing when the bus has stopped to pick up and drop off, which seems to be the 'in vogue' way of placing bus stops at present.

Bring on an increase in traffic congestion at off peak times as well as the existing on peak! Grrrrrreat.

Dave said...

Bus stops in-line with the traffic flow are more efficient than bays, which is why TfL have been doing away with bays for some years now.
Most traffic congestion is caused by single-occupancy private cars - the sooner road-pricing is extended to the whole country the better!

Parkerilla said...

It looks like they're building a bay, a very long one in fact stretching up to Sainsburys so presumably for car parking as well? what a stroke of luck for Sainsbury's.

Dave said...

Brabham Court has been on the iBus and Countdown systems for over a week now, but without audible announcements. That makes perfect sense as, carrying yellow flags, it is no different from any other closed stop. It would be pointless announcing "the next bus stop is closed" as it hasn't yet been opened.

A said...

I personally cannot see how creating constant intermittent road blocks, which hold up not only the cars, but also the buses which are stuck in the queue's behind the stationary bus also, can be any more efficient that allowing the free flow of traffic past the bus whilst it allows passengers on and off.

It's a cynical way of trying to get people to use public transport. Rather than making bus journeys earlier, cheaper, more accessibly and more pleasant, they instead chose to purely hinder other drivers.

This is the laziest solution to the problem I can possibly think of. It's neither efficient or green, when dozens upon dozens of cars have to grind to halt, sit with engines running, and pull away again when the bus has finally let passengers on and off, or sat there for 3 or 4 minutes to tie back in with his schedule.

Nonsense - but that is what I have come to expect from TfL.

Dave said...

Well that's the most nonsensical rant for some time.

a) The private motor car is, and always will be, the lowest priority vehicle on the road, simply because of its inefficient use of road space. A 213 heading towards Kingston in the morning rush hour may well have upwards of 70 passengers. Would you rather they were in 40 or more cars instead? Giving every possible priority to buses makes sense all round. A bus having to pull into a bay then out again is a significant cause of delay - to the bus.

b) You want busses to run earlier? Well the 213 is a 24 hour service!

c) I have never seen a bus 'wait for time' anywhere that delays other traffic, and I very much doubt you have. In the unlikely event that you do witness such an event then report it to the bus operator giving date, time, route, direction and, if possible, the running number (small plate on the side e.g. A265). For TfL the e-mail address is

d) So, improving the time-keeping of buses is "a cynical way of trying to get people to use public transport" - drop the word "cynical" and you at last make some sense.

DT said...

you could have added

e) It is the cheaper solution, as the bay will require land to be obtained, and almost certainly the substructures considerably strengthened (buses aren't light) and possibly moved (surface water drains) and its construction will cause a disruption to the traffic.

Whereas the alternative can just be dropping off one of those small concrete based ones.

Dave said...

What's the connection between a TfL bus stop and the Liberals?
And where do you get that figure from?

DT said...

Dave it's obvious, if the Liberals had fought a better campaign in the Mayoral elections, they would have stolen enough votes that Ken would have won. So as TFL is BoJo's responsability, everything he does wrong is the Liberals fault :-).

You get £500,000 by taking the cost of Vauxhall Cross bus station, dividing by the number of stops there and rounding to the nearest half million, or you can go to eBay and get one for as little £0.99.

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