Monday, 29 April 2013

All Manor of Old Trees Removed

I have been contacted by a blog reader concerned about the destruction of the mature Hawthorne wood in Manor Park next to the railway bridge which crosses Malden Road. Having donned the hat, old Mac and magnifying glass, I have been on the trail (of destruction) , popping up from behind bushes to snatch quick pictures before skulking back off into the shadows again… (Well I’ve sent off a few emails anyway.)

It seems that the land in question, whilst appearing to form part of the park, has been in private ownership since 1936. It was initially acquired by the Southern Railway Company, who then sold the land to the current proprietor in 2005. The Council has absorbed the maintenance of the area over a period of years.
Upon purchase on the land in 2005 the proprietor did make an application to change the use of the land to car parking.  This was rejected and would apparently not be permitted in that space.  The only change of use permitted would be to community growing/allotments, which is what the proprietor is now in the process of developing. 

The tree's which were in the area, although being many decades old and a natural local amenity, were not subject to tree preservation orders (TPOs), nor were they located in a conservation area.  Without either of these things and being on private land, the land owner is more or less free to clear the land if he/she wishes to do so.

While it has been suggested that the allotments idea is merely a ploy to alter the land use with a long term view of having it re-zoned as residential in order to build housing there, one very helpful Kingston Council officer has said he a pretty certain this would never be allowed by the council and that the proximity to the railway line and pylons would apparently make it difficult to develop anyway.

Sunday, 28 April 2013

Travellers Not Moving

The extended family of Irish travellers who took over the old Worcester Park Tavern car park are still there despite telling the blog they would be moving on early last week. See previous report here. (Is anyone really surprised?)

There are now six caravans there, in a new arrangement and the pile of rubbish behind the concrete barrier is growing quite large.

This time they told the blog that they now don’t know when they will be moving on. “It could be tomorrow, it could be anytime. We just don’t know.”

Apparently the reason for staying put is that it is difficult for them to find another place to go, but they eventually want to head up to Edinburgh.

My guess is they’ll go on extracting the urine until someone forces them to do otherwise.

Update Sunday 12th May (11pm ish)

I've been to have a look - Yes they have gone. There are now no caravans on the site. All that is left is a pile of rubbish larger than the one in this picture. They could have gone to Beddington Park. Thanks to 'Guest' and also the other person who contacted me.

Warning of Possible Road Works in Ruskin Drive

I have just gone past a gentleman at the corner of Dorchester Road and Ruskin Drive poking an implemented into a small hole in the ground. These I know are to test for gas leaks so, being of a nosey disposition (and having a duty to blog readers), I stopped to ask what is happening.

Apparently there is a gas leak under the road and there is a good chance that they will need to dig up the road at that corner to fix it. He said they are unlikely to put up traffic lights but they may have to restrict access along that part of Ruskin Drive.

Lunchtime Update (Thanks to a blog reader): They are currently digging it up.

Update 3rd May: This is what is looks like now...

London Road Disruption

Roadworks on London Road in North Cheam have cause an unusually high volume of traffic in the area (for a Sunday morning). The works which are to fix the broken flashing lights on the pedestrian crossing opposite Senhouse Road began at around 8:00am and should be finished by lunchtime.

However in the meanwhile, there are long waiting times at the cross roads and the queue down Cheam Common Road has reached Farm Way.

Saturday, 27 April 2013

Annual Open Bowls

‘Tis the season for sports open days! Auriol Bowling Club is having their annual open day on Sunday 12th May between 11.00 am and 4.00 pm at the club’s bowling green in Auriol Park, Salisbury Road, Worcester Park. If you’ve never tried bowls before, Auriol Bowling Club is offering you a golden opportunity to give it a go for free. No special clothing is required other than flat-soled shoes or trainers. Coaching will be provided free of charge by the club’s qualified coaches, and light refreshments will be available throughout the day in the club’s pavilion.

Here is an activity/sport which combines physical exercise with a good social atmosphere. It is a wonderful sport for improving your flexibility and fitness – in an average game, a bowler is likely to walk a distance of around a mile – whilst at the same time improving your social life by enjoying a chat with your team-mates and other club members.

If you can’t make it to the Open Day, but would like to try bowls for yourself, and are over 18, you can enroll in the club’s Bowls4Free course. As would not be entirely unexpected from a course with such a name, this is a series of lessons totally free of charge (four of them), run by the club's coaches over the four consecutive weeks starting from Monday 20th May at 11.00am.

And if that isn’t enough you can come along to one of the club’s informal ‘roll-up’ sessions, held on Monday, Tuesday and Thursday mornings (starting at 11.00 am), and Tuesday and Thursday afternoons, from 2.00pm each week during the season (which started this year on Monday 22 April). Other times can be arranged by appointment.

Are you convinced yet that Bowls are for you?

For further information please visit the club’s website at or contact the club secretary David Regan on 020 8337 8919.

Friday, 26 April 2013

What should we call ourselves?

While writing posts I sometimes find myself wondering what I should use as the noun meaning someone from (or living in, representing etc.) Worcester Park.

I used ‘Worcester Parkarian’ the other day and wonder if I should have said Worcester Parkster, Park Worcesterian or something else.

What do you think? Also any ideas for a collective noun of us?

Thursday, 25 April 2013

Angling for improvements

Gary Weaving, a Worcester Park Police Community Support Officer, is just about ready to launch a major youth and community engagement initiative for fishing which he has set up in at Mayflower Park in The Hamptons.

PCSO Weaving’s vision five year ago was for a vibrant wetland area where local school children could learn to fish as well as learning to look after their environment. Working in his spare time, and with the help of a highly motivated committee of dedicated local residents, PCSO Weaving has brought his vision to life and is due to launch it in time for the summer holidays.
Steve Halifax and PCSO Gary Weaving (off duty)

Local resident and wildlife expert Steve Hallifax, who has been appointed Head Bailiff by the other residents who form the committee, oversees the fishing and pond environment along with his own ‘Bailiff Team’. Together they have done a huge amount of construction and manual work including:

  • Constructing seven pondside fishing platforms around the largest pond amid the reeds.
  • Tended the bankside vegetation 
  • Dragged the pond clear of choking weeds 
  • Built a footbridge, lockable entrance gate and ramp down to the bank so wheelchair users can access the first of the seven fishing platforms.

PCSO Weaving has also involved the children from local Green Lane Primary school in designing 4 duck houses for the ponds. The children were asked to come up with designs and 4 were selected from a total of 60 entries with each age group being represented. To cover costs, the children paid £1 per entry, the school’s parent teacher association donated money and Onslow Motors, of Green Lane, Worcester Park, donated £100 to support the project.

Steve Hallifax then built the four duck houses which were painted according to the winning designs. The Duck Houses were launched on Saturday 13th April - an extremely wet day. “The weather was only fit for ducks,” joked PCSO Weaving. “It took several hours to apply the finishing touches to the duck houses and get them into position on the ponds.”
Maha Shaikh, science co-ordinator at Green Lane Primary School, said this has been a cross-curriculum event as the school has been working towards a primary science quality mark and an eco award - with the pupils’ winning designs being built and painted for the benefit of the local community. “I thought the designs were superb. I squealed with delight when I saw the finished duck houses which had brought the pupils’ designs to life,” she said.

Duckingham Palace, one of duck houses is already housing some nesting birds and it is hoped they will encourage the ducks to raise more ducklings to maturity by offering a valuable refuge from predators.

PCSO Weaving will be giving the year 5 students at Green Lane Primary free angling lessons during the summer holidays and plans to extend this to the three other local primary schools (Dorchester, St. Cecilias and Cheam Common Junior)  to make angling tuition and environmental awareness available to all local children. PCSO Weaving said he wanted to start with year 5 rather than year 6 students so there was scope to continue with the same students the following year.

Other fishing would be restricted to local residents of The Hamptons and organised through a booking system. Apart from the supervised children, only four people would be allowed to fish as any one time and caught fish must be returned safely to the water afterwards. Free tuition will be available if required to anyone fishing for the first time.

The Hamptons estate will be leafleted to make residents aware of when the online booking system is available, what the charges and rules are, and when the fishery is open. Anyone over 12-years-old will still be required to obtain an Environment Agency rod licence.

PCSO Weaving gained a licence for the project from the landowners and has helped attract more than £5,000 funding for this youth and community initiative with several organisations contributing including:
  • Safer Sutton Partnership Service (which looks after the borough’s community safety services from Sutton Police station)
  • The Green Locality Extended Services Team 
  • Sutton Council’s Environment & Neighbourhoods Directorate 
  • Thames Valley Housing 
  • The Hamptons’ Residents’ Association
Other organisations have helped too: Cheam Angling in London Road has supplied six complete sets of fishing kits at greatly reduced cost (including nets and unhooking mats). And the Environment Agency conducted a free survey of the waters and also supplied 500 young fish free of charge. By stocking and managing the ponds properly, it is hoped the growing fish population will also provide a valuable food source and attract more bird species.

PCSO Weaving said he believes that the greater adult presence created as part of the project will help to deter some of the problems caused by anti-social behaviour and criminal damage along the boardwalk, which services the wetlands. Past problems have included graffiti, broken rails along the boardwalk, young trees being broken and discarded bottles and other litter - along with young people gathering to drink.

PCSO Weaving said: “With people fishing on a regular basis, we hope the initiative will police itself, although I will be regularly visiting the area as part of my patrols.

It’s a great opportunity to bring fishing to young people who haven’t tried it before, and to help them learn and care about the environment and to respect the wildlife in this idyllic sanctuary.

Although I have done much of this work in my own time, I am extremely grateful to the police for allowing me to run with this. This is an exciting initiative because I am sure it will be enjoyed by countless youngsters and adults alike - and provide an excellent opportunity to promote positive relationships between police and young people in the local area. I can’t wait for it to be up and running.”

The Worcester Park Blog salutes PCSO Gary Weaving. I think it is people like him and everyone who has got behind this initiative that help make this such a wonderful area.

Wednesday, 24 April 2013

Young Cricket Open Evening

Worcester Park Cricket Club is holding a free open evening this Thursday (25th April) aimed at young people who might want to give cricket a try. The free taster evening marks the start of the club’s Colts’ season for 8 to 13 year olds and will feature a mix of games and drills followed by the chance to meet the ECB qualified coaches and find out more about the club.

The event is from 6:30pm until 8:00 and both girls and boys are welcome. There are a wide range of colt teams with many colts progressing into the club’s senior teams. For more information about the open evening and local cricket for young people please contact Nick Harrison (

Worcester Park Cricket Club (next to the railway station, entrance in Green Lane) is a friendly club and is open to cricketers of all abilities and experience. See or phone 0208 949 8800 for more info.

So if you're stumped for something to do, why not go along and have a go?

Tuesday, 23 April 2013

Bus Stop’s In


Cable TV pipe - forcing the shelter forward
The new bus shelter has finally been put in place outside Brabham Court in Central Road. The first attempt a couple of weeks ago had to be aborted when the workmen found a pipe carrying cable TV right underneath where the shelter had to go. Moving the shelter forward to miss the pipe would have meant the roof sticking out too far into the roadway so they had to take it back to the workshop and put a shorter roof on it.

Now complete with shorter roof, the new bus shelter (part of the Outer London Fund improvements to Worcester Park and North Cheam - courtesy of Boris Johnson) has been put in place.

Meanwhile the roadworks continue...

Monday, 22 April 2013

Jam Packed Jam Pack

A local Worcester Parkarian who spent years photographing the Jam and did their Absolute Beginners record sleeve in 1981 has had a book of his images published and has offered a pack of souvenirs and images plus an invitation to the book launch in Soho to one lucky blog reader to celebrate.

Photographer Derek D Souza who lives in Brinkley Road was a huge fan of the band and took hundreds of photos of them in the late 70’s and early 80’s, many of which have been compiled into his new book ‘In The Crowd’ which will be released on the 1st of May. (Presale discounts are available at the moment).

Derek is offering one blog reader a jam packed Jam pack containing a souvenir pack of postcards, wristband and plectrum, catalogue book of 20 images that will be in the book and an 8x10 print of Paul Weller (all signed by the photographer) plus an invitation to the book launch evening in a soho gallery where 20 of the images will be displayed in life size.

As this should really go to a real Jam fan I am posing a question that will be eye rollingly simple for any Jam fan to answer but may stump the rest of us a bit. (No cheating and going and looking it up on the internet the rest of you!)

The Question: What are the names of Jam band members?

So to win this jammy prize just email the blog asking for the Jam pack with the answer to the above question and include your name, address and contact details. (The Worcester Park Blog's descision is final.)

Update: We have our winner so no more emails please!

Sunday, 21 April 2013

Buy Swap Sell in Worcester Park

It has been suggested to me that a buy/swap/sell page on the blog would be appreciated by blog readers so we inhabitants and lovers of KT4 can trade our second hand tat amongst ourselves without having to travel too far away for the foreign tat of outsiders. So to test if this is really the case I have decided to create one and see.

To try it out, just go to the new Buy Swap Sell Page (it’s on the top menu) and write a comment (to sell or offer something) or read other peoples comments to see if there’s anything you want to buy/swap etc. Easy!

I have no idea if this will be popular or even actually work but it’s worth a try right? Please let me know what you think. It’s only a test run and if no one likes or uses it I will quietly remove it again.

Friday, 19 April 2013

The Worcester Park Travellers’ Tavern

Travellers in caravans have moved into the car park behind the old Worcester Park Tavern. The group with at least 4 caravans drove onto the site just after half past eight on Tuesday morning (16th April) and according to one witness, drove up to the fence, pulled it open and drove their caravans in, all in the space of about 25 seconds.

The Worcester Park Tavern has been closed since August last year in spite of a popular local campaign to save the pub and has since become a derelict site.

One member of the caravan group, which is all an extended family of Irish travellers told the blog that they had spoken to the site security guard and should only be staying there for a few days and were making an effort to keep the area clean and tidy. So far they seem to have sort of kept the area reasonably clear and when pressed said they are planning to move on again early next week.

They were also keen to point out that there are many groups of travellers around and it was quite normal for them to set up in a place like this. They also mentioned how nice the high street was and how pleasant the local people were. All very well but I do find myself wondering how much council tax they pay to use the same services that the rest of us use.

The police are believed to have paid them a visit a couple of day ago but it seems this was because a couple in one of the caravans was having a domestic which got a bit out of hand. They weren't there to move them on.

I wonder if they will stay true to their word and move on early next week.

Thursday, 18 April 2013

Vin Bin and Gone

(or Wine-ding Up The Shop)

The Worcester Park Blog is sorry to learn that our favorite wine shop, The Vin Bin is closing its doors in Cheam Common Road after nearly three years of good spirited service to the public. Mislav, who owns the shop with his wife Aret, explained to the blog that the lease was coming up on the shop and that when they went through the numbers they realised they were working much harder and making much less money in the shop than from their importing, wholesaling or internet branches of the business. “We haven’t had more than a few days off together in three years. We have been open seven days a week and with changing family circumstances it just isn't viable to keep the store open any more.” Mislav and Aret are also expecting their first baby which was also a large factor in deciding not to extend their lease.
How we will remember the VinBin

The VinBin doors will close for the last time this Sunday (21st April) at 5:00pm. In the meantime they are offering 30-40% discount on all stock in the shop (I took home a couple of bottles this afternoon) and they are also selling their characteristic décor (including the barrels) if you fancy one of those too.

The good news is that the VinBin is continuing as an online delivery service and they will still be running their importing and wholesaling sides of the business. In addition Mislav has promised that they will run their (in)famous wine tastings in Worcester Park out of the Cafe Medusa (adjoined to the Sheesh Mangal Turkish Restaurant) in Central Road once or twice a month. The first is planned for May – date to be confirmed (watch this space…)

Mislav says he will miss the social side of having the shop. “We have always tried to maintain a good atmosphere in here”. From one customer’s (my own) point of view, Miz and Aret have certainly succeeded at doing that.

The Blog wishes Miz, Aret and the new addition when he/she arrives every success in the future and looks forward to their first ‘popup’ wine tasting at Cafe Medusa.

VinBin will still continue to take wine orders over the internet (free deliver for six or more bottles). Their website is

Wednesday, 17 April 2013

They’re Gone!

The removal team
The squatters who took over the old bank chambers which was also at the centre of the proposed Mosque controversy were evicted this morning. At around 11:00am bailiffs arrived at the building with police and private security guards and proceeded to enter the building which has been occupied by squatters since the beginning of April. The squatters were politely asked to leave and did so, taking their belongings and piling them on the other side of Green Lane where they have spent much of the day. The building is now being guarded 24 hours a day by a private security company.

The squatters which are now understood to have included ones from Victoria House apparently left the inside of the building in a very messy and unpleasant state. There have been reports of the strong smell of drugs left inside the building.

Well done the owners, police and bailiffs for sorting this out so quickly! Thanks to several blog readers who contacted the blog and also supplied some of the pictures.

Monday, 15 April 2013

Windah Kickin Good - Part II

KFC are sporting their new 'boarded up look' after ‘yoofs’ smashed one of their main windows last night (Sunday 15th Apr).  In an incident reminiscent of last year’s broken door,  3 or 4 kids came past at around 11:30pm making a noise and suddenly they broke the window. Assistant manager, Moorthi told the blog that the police were called and were luckily there in time to catch the offenders who were also caught on CCTV.

Suggestions that late night fans of the colonel’s fried cuisine were too large to get through the door and needed a larger opening are completely unfounded.

Sunday, 14 April 2013

Are you sitting comfortably?

A new seat has recently appeared at the top of Browning Avenue and Lindsay Road. Like several other things reported recently on the Blog, this is the results of money won by local residents in the Council’s Participatory Budget event from May last year when local residents voted for which local projects would receive the necessary funding.

John Evers from the Worcester Park Residents Association presented the case for the replacement bench at the top of Browning Avenue so that elderly people would have somewhere to have a rest if walking from roads near Clarkes Avenue to the high street. Residents of Worcester Park, North Cheam and Stonecot voted through the £800 required and the replacement seat was secured.

Saturday, 13 April 2013

Station Expansion

Anyone venturing down to the other end of Worcester Park railway station recently will have noticed the new platform works going on. This is so the station can accommodate 10 car trains which Network rail and the Department for Transport want to bring in to increase train capacity.

The work which began in late March is not due to be finished until 2014 although there shouldn't be much disruption to train services during that time.

The Worcester Park Blog understands that in addition to longer platforms, there is also a new station entrance and foot bridge to be built at the other end – although I have not managed to reconfirm this yet.

For more information please see this letter to Kingston Planning Department from Network Rail, this Southwest Mainline Route Utilisation Strategy document or see this Network Rail Planning document for ‘Route C’.

Thanks to @frequentlyrare, @WorcesterPkInfo, @mrpjones and @MarstonLouis for letting me know.

Update 21st June 2013

Progress Made so far...

It would seem that real progress is being made here. The new platform sections are now looking like finished platforms. New fence and lighting is all there. They just need joining up now as far as I can see.

Friday, 12 April 2013

Theft from Car at Nonsuch

A Blog reader has just emailed to let people know about a theft from his car which was parked in the Cheam Road car park of Nonsuch Park. It happened on Wednesday evening  (10th Apr) between 6pm and 7pm. It seems likely that someone was waiting and watching because they had hidden a handbag in the boot and the thief had smashed the side window, reached in and pulled the back seat forward to take it. With fitness and other classes occurring at regular times, it might seem an opportunist criminal's dream. Please keep an eye out and take precautions in situation like this. In any emergency or if a crime is happening now - always call 999.

Update 15th April
Another car has been broken into in Nonsuch Park and valuables stolen. Apparently the thief watched the owner hide them in boot. Thanks @MaryBurstow for the tweet.

Thursday, 11 April 2013

Busy Bike Marking

Police, cyclists and cycle specialists all converged on Maple Lodge last Saturday (6th April) for the second ‘Bike Marking Event’ of the year. The event, which was arranged by PC Luke Lazell of the Worcester Park Safer Neighbourhoods Team, was held at the iconic building in the Hamptons from midday and ran until after 3pm.

The first such event, held in January at the police office in Central Road attracted 47 cyclists and the team were hoping to achieve a similar result for this one. But after the usual advertising with posters and flyers kindly displayed at various premises in and around the area, plus a plug on the blog here, the team were surprised and delighted to see no less than 72 cyclists turn up for the event which had to be extended because of the sheer numbers. The afternoon’s rare incidence of good spring weather probably helped too.

The event, which is part of an ongoing London-wide operation to promote bike security involving the police, Transport for London and cycling groups was run by PC Luke Lazell and PCSO Gary Weaving. They were assisted by PCSO Nadine Campbell of The Nonsuch Safer Neighbourhood Team, PC Lee Honey and Lee’s colleague Andy, both of Safer Transport Command Team.

Mark and Charlie from CYCLE POWER in Central Road were also there giving free cycle safety checks to anyone who wanted one.

PC Luke Lazell commented afterwards that, "Everyone involved today went away very, very happy."
PCSO Weaving added "We’re all extremely pleased and we’ll definitely arrange another one for the summer….even if we don’t actually get one!"

Wednesday, 10 April 2013

Roadworks Part II (The Re-emergence)

From Dorchester Road
A continuing gas leak has caused the road to be dug up for a second time in less than a month at the corner of Boscombe Road, Dorchester Road, Clarkes Avenue and Langley Avenue. Residents alerted Southern Gas Networks to the strong small of gas in the area and they duly turned up on Monday morning to dig it all up again.

From Boscombe Road
Blog readers (and local residents) may remember the entrance to Langley Avenue being closed back in March after a burst gas main required immediate repairs. Apparently the council wanted Langley Avenue reopened as quickly as possible so there wasn’t time for lots more poking about under the tarmac. The council is apparently happier with the four way traffic lights, allowing Southern Gas Networks to fix the problem properly.

According to the gentlemen digging the hole, there are leaks coming from pipes they didn’t even know existed. They explained to the Blog, “There are two gas mains on our map but there are four large gas pipes under here including a 24 inch gas main.”

They are hoping to have the leaks all fixed by the end of the week with the road hopefully put back to normal by Wednesday next week. Might be worth avoiding at rush hour in the meanwhile.

Update Monday 15th April
They're gone! The hole is filled in, the lights gone and the roads are clear. Ahead of schedule!

Roadworks Part I (The Disappearance)


Sometime last night the road works and three way traffic lights at the corner of Malden Road and South Lane (just after the other railway bridge heading towards the A3) were removed. Luckily I had a photo of the spot from a few days ago when they were still there to compare to today. Both were taken at around 3PM. Note the lack of traffic today! Thanks @WorcesterPkInfo for spotting it first.

Monday, 8 April 2013

The Worcester Park Poetry Giveaway

Local poet Kerry Parkinson has a book out and has agreed to give two copies away to lucky Worcester Park Blog readers. Her new book, ‘Jumping In Puddles’, (available here) is Kerry’s second book of poetry and is a collection of works focusing on what life means as you turn 30. The poems, inspired by life, friendship, lost love and past experiences came together by themselves and according to Kerry, “were a reflective look back at my childhood, my teenage years, and my 20's.”

Kerry, who has been writing since she was a child, published her first book ‘Footsteps in the Snow’ in July last year after two years of writers block brought about by her Grandmother’s death and her Father’s diagnosis of terminal cancer. It was thanks though to her Father’s encouragement that she got back on track and got her début published a mere three weeks before he died.

Kerry has lived in Worcester Park for most of her adult life and says she is much happier here than in Putney where she lived for 6 months.

To win one of two copies of Kerry's latest book, be one of the first two to email the blog asking for a copy of Kerry Parkinson’s ‘Jumping In Puddles’. Remember to include your name, address and contact details. (The Worcester Park Blog's descision is final.)

From her new book here is
‘My Sweet Addiction’ by Kerry Parkinson

Hot, steamy, such an intense thrill. 
Your dark rich taste I long for. 
My eyes are fixed upon where you are. 
My hands long to hold you. 
My tongue is tingling for the moment when I get to take you into me. 
Your warmth running through the whole of my body... 
I know I can never give you up. 
My addiction. 
I will always want you more. 
Full of body, so meant for me. 
You are caramel and caffeine perfection in a cup.

Update: We have our lucky winners so no more emails please!

Friday, 5 April 2013

Tree-mendous Trafalgar 10

Some blog readers may have noticed some new trees planted along Trafalgar Ave. The Worcester Park Blog can reveal that these are the ‘Trafalgar 10’ and are the result of another project which received funding (£2530 in this case) from last year’s participatory budgeting event. This idea was proposed by the Worcester Park Residents’ Association who wanted to improve the appearance of this entrance to Worcester Park and give a boost to the local people in this area. It was voted through by assembled local residents from the three council wards: Worcester Park, Nonsuch and Stonecot.

The trees were planted a little over a week ago and comprise of alternating Cherry trees and Maple trees – 5 of each.

Thursday, 4 April 2013

Squatters Part II – Victoria House

According to residents living opposite Queen Victoria House in Church Hill Road, men is suits (probably Bailiffs) arrived at 7.30 this morning and the squatters there were removed.

They seem unlikely to be the same squatters who have moved into the old Bank Chambers in Green Lane because the sheets and stuff had already gone up in Bank Chambers yesterday. - Unless of course the Vic House Squatters knew they were about to be turfed out and were in the process of ‘moving’.

Whether they now all move into the Bank Chambers together or not is anyone’s guess.

Now Its Squatters In The Old Bank Chambers

One of the squatters trying not to be identified
Old bank Chambers at 2-4 Green Lane
First it was a proposed Mosque site, now it appears squatters have moved into the old bank chambers at 2-4 Green Lane! After someone put sheets in the front window it was obvious something was going on. A ‘squatters legal notice’ on the door leaves little doubt as to what it is.

Same one before realising there's a camera
Two people were spotted inside the building, one a man in his twenties; the other could not be seen properly. They clearly didn’t want to be identified and continuously avoided answering the question ‘Are you living here?’

legal notice
The new LASPO S144 law does not apply here as it only makes squatting in residential buildings a criminal offence. Therefore the police can’t evict them. So it is now down to the owners of the building to start legal proceedings to have them evicted by bailiffs. Unless the building has quietly changed hands, these are same people who wanted to turn it into a Mosque.

Wednesday, 3 April 2013

Free Ramp Skating

An indoor skate ramp has been set up in North Cheam for anyone who wants to go along and do a bit of skateboarding or just ‘chill’ in the company of those that do. It is free to turn up and to join in and you can buy food and drink there.

They provide helmets (which must be worn), and any other equipment needed, including skateboards. Please note that the mini-ramp is not a beginners' obstacle, and riders should at least be able to drop in on their scooter/skateboard/blades to use it.

Sutton Ramp Events  put on regular events like this in Sutton and have been awarded money by the Government and the Council, including £5000 from the Participatory Budgeting scheme run by the Local Committee for Worcester Park, North Cheam and Stonecot to do so. They have set up the ramp in the North Cheam ‘You Are Here’ shop at 462 London Road and it will be there until Saturday (6th April) so if skating is your thing, why not go along and join in?