Sunday, 17 March 2013

Post Price Push?

It has been brought to the Worcester Park Blog’s attention that some people believe they have been up sold at the post office.

One person – let’s call them ‘Person X’, told the Blog that they wanted to send a letter by recorded delivery and was told the price was over £5, which they paid. Afterwards they discovered this was actually the price for next day, before 9am, special delivery - not the cheaper recorded delivery which they requested.

In another example Person X said they wanted to send a 2.5kg parcel and asked for the cheapest way possible. They were told this was £12.60 but challenged the cashier believing it should be £8.80. The cashier admitted that this was indeed the price but claimed they hadn’t heard the request for the cheapest way.

Having not got anything I need to post, I haven’t been to perform a ‘mystery customer’ test at the Post Office. However I would be interested to know if anyone else has experienced this.

Anyone believing they may have encountered questionable practices from any shop or business should contact Trading Standards. Our two closest are:

London Borough of Sutton
Business Regulation Service
Civic Offices
St Nicholas Way
0208 770 5070
   Royal Borough of Kingston upon Thames
Trading Standards Service
Kingston upon Thames
08454 04 05 06