Sunday, 17 March 2013

Post Price Push?

It has been brought to the Worcester Park Blog’s attention that some people believe they have been up sold at the post office.

One person – let’s call them ‘Person X’, told the Blog that they wanted to send a letter by recorded delivery and was told the price was over £5, which they paid. Afterwards they discovered this was actually the price for next day, before 9am, special delivery - not the cheaper recorded delivery which they requested.

In another example Person X said they wanted to send a 2.5kg parcel and asked for the cheapest way possible. They were told this was £12.60 but challenged the cashier believing it should be £8.80. The cashier admitted that this was indeed the price but claimed they hadn’t heard the request for the cheapest way.

Having not got anything I need to post, I haven’t been to perform a ‘mystery customer’ test at the Post Office. However I would be interested to know if anyone else has experienced this.

Anyone believing they may have encountered questionable practices from any shop or business should contact Trading Standards. Our two closest are:

London Borough of Sutton
Business Regulation Service
Civic Offices
St Nicholas Way
0208 770 5070
   Royal Borough of Kingston upon Thames
Trading Standards Service
Kingston upon Thames
08454 04 05 06

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Terence said...

i have had this lots of times when sending stuff that i sold on ebay, also when asking for proof of purchase they refuse to type the details on the slips and expect me to write on the receipts.
i have asked for 2nd class recorded delivery and was told it does not exist and that i have to send it first class. I was also charged £15 for a delivery that was confirmed online for under £9 as the cheapest option.

Fred said...

Yup I have too been given some dodgy prices for stuff I want to send & then if you ask for 1st class this is one price & then guaranteed next day deliver is another - if that isnt 1st class what is? then they tell you stuff is too big to send 2nd class so you have to send it 1st class even when I have been sent stuff from amazon & been charged one price & they they charge loads more!

Hoops said...

They have done this to me too - quoted the highest price for recorded delivery when there was no rush. I took a risk and went without recorded delivery. The envelope, containing cash, which the man at the counter had noticed, never got there. More fool me for sending cash and I can't prove (though I suspect) theft. The up-selling on recorded delivery definitely happened though and cost me the loss one way or another.

Jules said...

Yes! I'm going to complain to Royal Mail - I was very recently quoted £7.40 first class for a small parcel with extra insurance or £12.20 guaranteed next day delivery. I went for the second option but it wasn't delivered. My mum then had to go to her local delivery office to collect it and was told there is no guaranteed next day delivery on a Saturday and I should never have been sold that option. Grrrrr!

Rob said...

My name is rob
I am so shocked about the previous people's
Comments . I goes daily and fully satisfied the services
Given to me. Staff are very polite and smile
And help full they all way ask the customers and
Recommend the available options . Is up to the customers to make
Desicion .

Hrtless said...

I'd bet my book of First Class Stamps that the 'Mysterious' Rob maybe an employee/member of staff at the Post Office

TellingitlikeIseeit said...

I've had lots of problems being quoted inflated prices for services I don't want when I've asked to send something the cheapest way possible.

I sell lots of stuff on ebay. They always quote me more than I work out, and I have to beat them down to the correct price! They often try to sneak in next day delivery, or by 9 am or some other option you definitely don't want when you ask for "the cheapest way possible".

I got into a row with them once about the size of my parcel which they insisted exceeded the limits but didn't by a decent margin. I made them check with a tape measure and they were very shirty about being proved wrong.

They charge me on parcels that I think are free returns to shops but they insist aren't, and I agree that you're made to fill things in that they should but can't be bothered.

I go into New Malden mostly now because I don't trust the people in WP post office. They're not exactly friendly either even if you're just buying stamps. It's like you're interrupting something better they have to do.

One more thing. A couple of the staff's English is very difficult to understand too which they always imply is my fault and get very cross when I ask them to repeat what they're saying.... so I always end up apologising for not being able to understand and pretending I'm a bit deaf which makes me feel awful :(

SarahM said...

I have had countless arguments with them and they have also tried to overcharge me numerous times. They will not type in the postcode for Proof of Receipt slips, saying that I can just write it on myself. Well what's to stop me putting any old postcode down and immediately filing a claim for non-delivery then! The whole reason it is typed in on their machine (which takes all of two minutes to do - but 10-15 minutes to argue about it!) is to stop fraud and be an official receipt Grrrr!!!!!

Wease said...

LOL, great message "Rob". See you next time I pop in for some stamps.

Stanislawa said...

Stanislawa. -Poland
Hello ,, There are some jobless people . They only want to make
Comment about other . Ignore them. I come every day for the last
8 years and I will be for ever.

Steve said...

When I post lots of eBay items I always use bulk posting certificate
That easy and convenient . Also save time for others waiting in the Que. so try next time
Good luck all

Hrtless said...

'Rob' have you changed your name? You cheeky little Postmaster!!

I hardly see the correlation between the state of unemployment levels and bad customer service!

dylan1 said...

I had the same problem and actually wrote to the post office complaints department but was fobbed off

HackedOffKiwi said...

I had a similar issue at Xmas when posting internationally and within the UK. The box I was sending would have cost £75 if I hadn't challenged. It ended up being £68 and never made it within the time frame so I ended up putting in a claim via ParcelForce & getting £18 £50 for a late delivery vs £75!!
They need to:
1. Learn to speak and understand English better
2. Deliver the cheapest options for customers when this is requested
3. Not try to up-sell us the whole time
4. Focus on providing value to customers & not generating value for the Post Office!

OldMaldy said...

I don't really use this PO to send anything, I did get car tax a couple of years ago from there. I'd forgotten my insurance certificate and the owner made sure I could pick it up once I returned to the store, as the post office counter would then be closed and he held it for me at the front desk. I'm really surprised to read about the questionable practices, what a shame.

Cocoa said...

I have also had same argument with them about proof of posting receipts, the little old English lady is most efficient, pleasant and helpful, she always prints the post code on receipts but the other staff are lazy telling me I can write it on myself, that's what the gap is for, I questioned this with the pleasant lady on one occasion and she said that they really should print postcode. I very rarely use WP PO any more. I find New Malden staff much more helpful.

Person X said...

A reminder to everyone that as of today postal prices have increased. Check the Royal Mail or Post Office website for current rates - and there is a handy price calculator on there too.

Always check and challenge the amount that the WP Post office say !!!

ElmsteadCommentator said...

I am a regular in the Post Office. This practice of upselling is rife in there and I see many people caught out. The reason for it is all down to the product targets which the staff are given by Bank of Ireland (Owners of the UK Post Office). Customers are not helped either by the fact that there are no clear posters displaying the options available - but plenty for car insurance and other stuff irrelevant to the Post Office. WATCH OUT AND CHALLENGE EVERYTHING THEY OFFER.

Axl Wifey said...

Has anyone else been asked by the post office recently to disclose the contents of their package? I've posted some items sold on eBay and each time they have briefly waved a laminate page at me which apparently states that they need to know what you are sending. I managed to see the laminate and it says that it is for international postage so I'm a bit confused (my parcels were UK only). I'm not suggesting that the post office in Worcester Park would tamper with a package but if they know what is in them it does leave it open for corruption. Does anyone know the reason behind this or if it is indeed necessary? Thanks

Guesto said...

Apparently, there has been a clamp down on packages recently due to the number of people posting aerosols.

Royal Mail refuse to carry aerosols due to potential depressurisation in the sorting machinery (which has happened)

So that's probably why you are being asked.

Pat said...

It's also due to damage caused by leaking lithium batteries, which burn into everything surrounding them.

Pat said...

Some domestic UK mail travels by plane (particularly to Northern Ireland). Exploding aerosols causing fire or batteries leaking into the aircraft's electronics can have devastating consequences.

Guest said...

I've been a victim of their up-selling techniques this morning. I was told that my Signed For First Class letter could only be sent via the 1pm service if I wanted a tracking code which I know to be incorrect. I challenged repeatedly but they were most indignant and I've made a complaint to Customer Services and am now being compensated in stamps.

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