Monday, 4 March 2013

Notice Served on Proposed Mosque Building

The saga of the old bank chambers at 2-4 Green Lane, now well known as the site of the proposed Mosque continues. People who have been apparently using it all along as a mosque have had notice served on them for breaching planning law.

There were many reports of people gathering there at set prayer times while their planning proposal was being debated last year. And more reports of people continuing afterwards in spite of planning permission being turned down. Here’s a recording of Worcester Park Conservative Councillor Stuart Gordon Bullock speaking at the Cheam North and Worcester Park local committee (Mon 10th Dec 2012) about the problem, a week after the application was rejected:

Councillor Gordon Bullock has apparently had to keep the pressure up on Sutton Council to enforce the planning decision. As a result, the Planning Contravention Notice was finally served on the 13th of February and the building is now no longer being used for this purpose.