Sunday, 17 March 2013

Local Thieves Jailed

A thief living in Worcester Park and his two accomplices have been jailed after police interrupted their plans to rob a security van last year by ramming their stolen car.

Girry Richardson, 20, of The Hollands, Worcester Park was sentenced to 34 months at the Old Bailey on Friday the 8th of March for his part in the gang’s plot to steal thousands of pounds from a G4S or Loomis security van on the 21st of August last year. His two accomplices Charlie Critchley, 19, from Surbiton and Nicholas George Carter, 20, from Chingford were sentenced to 28 months each.

The police, acting on intelligence had been watching Richardson already and at 9:25 on the morning of the 21st, he and Carter were observed leaving Worcester Park in a stolen Nissan Juke to pick up Critchley from Surbiton. They changed the number plates and were then spotted outside Barclays bank opposite Victoria House in North Cheam before heading just up the road and into the Sainsbury’s car park where they were seen monitoring a cash delivery. They spent the next 4 hours trailing G4S and Loomis security vehicles around Tolworth, Cheam, Morden and Kingston, watching the stopped vans from doorways and from inside a William Hill bookmakers. Occasionally the men were seen getting out of the Nissan and approaching the van.

At 2:40pm Flying Squad officers decided it was necessary to bring their vehicle to a ‘hard stop’ and rammed the car in Burlington Road, New Malden. A silver BMW and a 131 bus full of passengers were also hit in the crash.

Girry Richardson, Nicholas George Carter, Charlie Critchley
The three pleaded guilty to the lesser crime of conspiracy to steal, even though an industrial angle grinder and an illegal satellite jamming device found in their car suggested they were prepared to use force to commit robbery.

Richardson's lawyer, Jemma Levinson, asked for leniency based on their ineptitude and a lack of criminal sophistication - all three had been wearing hoodies and gloves on a summer's day. However the judge, Rebecca Poulet, disagreed and also took into account Richardson’s high risk of re-offending when imposing his sentence. She told Richardson, "The fact is you know and I know you had a choice when you committed this offence."