Monday, 18 March 2013

Let There Be Lights

Today the process of topping all those new black poles with actual lights began. The work began at the corner of Green Lane and the contractors have been working their way up Central Road. In a quick chat this morning they told the Worcester Park Blog that the actual lights are very heavy and use new led technology meaning they will be very bright but use much less electricity. They couldn't give an estimate of when the work would be finished saying, 'it depends on how long it takes to wire them all in.'

Don’t worry, I am not planning to blog about every detail of the  Central Road developments as they happen – it is just so exciting to see improvements actually happening in this forgotten corner of Sutton. Thanks Boris!

To answer a question posed before, I might very well update the picture at the head of the Blog after all this work is done. Perhaps I will offer some alternatives and readers can vote for their favourite!