Tuesday, 19 March 2013

Dorchester Road Robbery

The Sun Bakery convenient store in Dorchester Road was robbed last night just as Rajan, the owner was about to close up the shop around 7pm. Three men  wearing balaclavas burst in and forced their way behind the counter where they grabbed him around the throat and punched him in the face before running out of the store with cash and a mobile phone, being chased by Rajan.

The suspects ran off down Boscombe Road. Despite searching the area, police could find no trace of the suspects who are described as three white men aged 20-30.

Rajan was taken to hospital by ambulance where he stayed overnight but is now recovering at home. The Worcester Park Blog understands the robbery was caught on the store’s CCTV camera so we hope this might help the police but as the robbers were wearing balaclavas police really need help from anyone who might have seen anything or might know something about what happened.

If you saw or know anything that could help the police catch these criminals please contact the police:
  • Dial: 101
  • Worcester Park Safer Neighbourhood Team: 0208 649 3590
  • Anonymously if you prefer – Crime stoppers: 0800 555 111
  • In an emergency always dial: 999

The Worcester Park Blog wishes Rajan a speedy recovery.

Update 10th April 2013: Rajan is still recovering at home but should be back at work next week. Hope you're feeling better.

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ex convict from worcester park said...

Only if there was more police in and around worcester park this may not have happend all good an well having police on high street but the hamptons and back streets is were crimnals target for obvious reasons mini`s old shop next door to sun bakery was broken into years ago aswell

L Jarvis said...

CCTV pictures.... come on show the public their pictures and shame them

Resident said...

greater police presence needed as well as lengthier sentances

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