Wednesday, 13 March 2013

Bridge To Get a Clean

The Campaign to clean up Worcester Park Rail Bridge might soon have lived up to its aims as they received confirmation within the last 24 hours that Network Rail will be issuing a work order in the new financial year. They hope to have the graffiti removed by the end of the summer/early autumn.

The bridge which is within the London Borough of Kingston has needed a proper repaint for over a decade and the Campaign, which was set up in November 2011 has worked tirelessly just to get this far.

Well over a hundred local residents have supported the campaign on Facebook with various local councillors helping to apply pressure and even the local MP writing some letters.

We now await the day of the great bridge paint with bated breath.

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Dave said...

Welcome as this news is, it's very unlikely that any campaign and/or letters from an MP will have made any difference. NR have an ongoing programmme of maintenance and this bridge will simply have come due.
It is to be hoped that the netting which was once festooned above the carriage-way and footpaths, to deter the flying rats, will be reinstated.

The Caldbeck Kid said...

Hi Dave, Having been involved in the campaign, I completely disagree. Network Rail were incredibly hard to start dialogue with and when we did make contact they made it clear there were no plans to paint the bridge. Pressure from the MP, councillors and lobbying by the group initiated recent dialogue and the response yesterday. Similar lobbying took place by a group in Wallington to get their bridge sorted which eventually happened after about 2 years of trying! It is painful dealing with Network Rail but if you make enough of a nuisance of yourself then you can make them pay attention. I'd like to thank Paul Burstow and Councillor Stephen Fenwick who have supported this cause - it has made a difference. However, nothing has happened yet and we need to make sure NR do not take their eye off the ball....!

Dave said...

Thanks for the elucidation.
I trust the anti-vermin netting will be included.

Given the location it's rather surprising that none of the brain-dead illegitimates responsible for these scrawls has been hit by a train, got scorched on the juice rail or fallen over the top. Not that one would wish any harm to the little darlings - their mothers must be very proud of their achievements.

shelokay said...

what a complete waste of money in these economic times! oh well guess its the commuter who will pay when the fares go up!

shelokay said...

jez people there is so much more important things u could put time and effort in to make a change in peoples lives!!

DT said...

A) its Railtrack who look after the infrastructure not the train operating companies, so no reason for the fares to go up.

B) Repainting bridges is an essential part of their maintenance, unless you go for a really expensive paint job as they did on the Forth Bridge, otherwise the bridge will rust away to a point it becomes unsafe. So not a waste of money.

Dave said...

You could try learning to write intelligible English. I assume you intended to write :
"Jesus, people, there are much more important things you could put time and effort into to make a change in people's lives".

So, you think that dealing with vandalism and flying-vermin will not improve people's lives? How odd.

Dave said...

Quite so.
It seems some people don't mind having a graffito'd, vermin-ridden bridge. How odd.

Anti-graffiti paint next time said...

If it gets graffitied all over again, particularly within days or weeks of repainting, it certainly will be a complete waste of money!

Does anyone know if the rail company is going to use anti-graffiti paint, so we won't have years of waiting and the community having to the next time?

If not, perhaps DT might like to inform us how prevention is not better than repeatedly incurring the expense of the same cure. Or otherwise declare his interest in the sub-contractor, hired to repaint graffitied railway bridges.

Without doubt, a newly repainted railway bridge will act as a magnet for the time-rich, benefit-rich oiks (and their many potential offspring). Surely, only the most naive will later claim that nobody could have foreseen this.

The View From The Huntsman said...

They should paint it so it looks like a bridge made of Lego.

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