Saturday, 30 March 2013

Police Scam Alert

Police want to alert everyone to this scam which people are still falling for – even those who have been warned and even bright intelligent people, although it is the vulnerable who are being targeted.

The intended victim gets a phone call from the bank, police or Serious Fraud Office (actually from the scammers but they sound completely genuine.) They explain there is a problem with your bank account and your account has been compromised.

Here’s the trick: To help persuade victims that the call is genuine, they may ask you to hang up and call the relevant authority - the bank, police or Serious Fraud Office - on a genuine number, for instance they might ask you to call the fraud number on the back of your card. But what they are really doing is keeping the line open, so when you call, it’s still the fraudster on the line, and they either say you have come back through to them or else have someone else acting as the proper authority telling you to follow their instructions.

Once you believe you are talking to a genuine person, the fraudster convinces you to reveal your PIN, often by asking you to type it into the telephone keypad. They also tell you that your bank card needs to be collected. The fraudster arranges for a courier, such as a cab, to pick up the bank card from your address, which is then delivered to the fraudster so it can be used to withdraw cash from your bank account. They might even tell you to cut the card before sending it, but not through the chip – that is because they can still access the card if the chip remains intact – it is just another tactic to convince you they are genuine.

It is always a scam if someone asks for your PIN number or your card, no matter what the reason.

NEVER GIVE anyone your PIN number.
Your bank or the police will NEVER ask for it.

NEVER GIVE anyone your CARD (even cut up)
Your bank or the police will NEVER ask for it.

If someone rings up and asks for either, even to verify identity  -  IT IS A SCAM!

Fraudsters want your PIN number and bank card

  • If you are contacted by someone who asks for these, hang up.
  • When you hang up, use a different line to report it to police on 101 or allow at least five minutes for the line to automatically clear.
  • Call 999 if the crime is happening.

Police have identified that Organised Criminal Groups are behind the fraud but despite arresting many of these, courier fraud is continuing as new organised crime groups take over and convince victims that they are genuine.

Across London the scam has claimed 2,229 victims between the start of 2011 and the end of 2012. The average age of a victim is 70, most of them have been women, and the average loss has been £4,000.

Since January 2011, police have arrested 130 courier fraudsters and charged 93 of them, including two brothers who have been jailed for more than 10 years for taking almost £150,000 from over 200 victims.

Please pass this on to anyone you think might be vulnerable to this. Don't be or let a loved one be a victim of this.

Friday, 29 March 2013

Cold Wet Easter Fun Day

Last  Saturday the planets lined up over Worcester Park, bringing fun and entertainments of every variety to our humble town (see here), only to have the weather put its cold wet foot down and say ‘not today thanks.’

Luckily however the people round here are made of sterner stuff and turned out anyway for the local traders’ Easter fun day, the French market, the free dancing and magic show and all the other stuff put on for our perusal and pleasure.

The kids all enjoyed the colouring competition, the face painting and the Easter Egg hunt. Many even got to meet the Easter Bunny as he (or was it a she?) handed out more chocolate and sweets! (Thanks to WH Smith, Sainsbury Local and Waitrose.) Many also (including the adults) enjoyed Magic Marcus’s free magic show at the popup shop in North Cheam. Adults also enjoyed the dancing and the French Market.

Fiesta Fitness
The weather did take its toll though, some things had to be cancelled, the VinBin’s free wine tasting had to beat a retreat back to inside the VinBin and it was decided not to display all the raffle prizes; free raffle tickets were handed out to anyone who wanted one.

Raffle prizes included: a bracelet from Hendy's, 1 months free membership to the River Club, a Syrup set from Costa and a Car play mat from Lee Carpets. Vouchers were given by Pets place, Sularis, Born Sushi, Worcester Spark, Cycle-Power, Thomas Cook, Waitrose, Cut and Blend, Kingfish, Nefis, Sheesh Mangal, Midas Touch, and Sunshine cafe. Megabytes, Beds to Go, St Raphael’s, The sewing machine shop, and the Stationers beside it also contributed to the prizes.

Overall the Worcester Park Traders Association is happy with the outcome and appreciates everyone who made the effort to come and join in. They would like thank all the independent traders and the three chain stores that helped support the event. They plan to organize another event in late summer which will hopefully be a nice warm day so people can see the best of what Worcester Park has to offer and they will also be putting on Worcester Park’s Christmas event.

Tuesday, 26 March 2013

Vicious Assault

A 73-year-old man was subjected to a serious assault at a bus stop in Cheam Common Road just at the London Road Cross roads on Saturday night (23rd March) at half past midnight (technically Sunday morning.)

The elderly man was waiting for a 213 bus to go home after a night out when he was approached by a white youth in his late teens to early 20s and wearing casual clothing. The victim was punched and kicked to the ground. The attacker was seen running away from the crossroads with a second man.

When the 213 bus arrived, some of the passengers on board helped the victim who was taken to hospital by the London Ambulance Service. He has serious facial injuries as a result of the attack.

Police are appealing for witnesses to the attack.

Det Con Natalie Laing, of Sutton CID, said this was a vicious, random and completely unprovoked attack.

“Such assaults in Sutton are rare and we are determined to catch the culprit. This is a busy crossroads and there were a lot of people around at this time. If anyone has any information, please come forward.”

You can contact DC Laing at Sutton CID on 020 8649 0747. Alternatively, you can contact Crimestoppers anonymously on 0800 555 111

Thursday, 21 March 2013

Lost Stitch

A cat which has recently moved house has escaped and gone missing. Stitch, who should be living with his owner, Claire, in Clarkes Avenue escaped on Monday and hasn't been seen since. They recently moved from Dorchester Road opposite the primary school and Claire is worried Stitch may have tried to find his way back there but become lost along the way.

Claire told the Blog that, "Stitch is used to going out but he's never been out for this length of time. We have walked up and down the streets, down allies and all the way back to our old house but there has been no sign of him. Last night we started putting up posters."

Stitch is white with ginger markings and he's very friendly. If you see Stitch, please let me know here at the Blog so we can help reunite Stitch with his worried owner.

UPDATE (Very late 21/3): Stitch has been found! Claire thanks everyone for their concern and who kept an eye out for Stitch, and especially the kind person who found him and let her know! All's well that ends well!

Open Sushi

A Store is Born (at last)

The wait is over! The most eagerly anticipated event in Worcester Park has finally occurred! Born Sushi in Windsor Road finally opened it doors on Monday (18th March).

Having already had my lunch I didn't stop to sample from the surprisingly limited menu although I have always been partial to a teriyaki chicken and do look forward to dropping in some time soon to see if it really has been worth the wait!

In the meanwhile - be the first to review!

Tell 'em to Blog Off.

If you think blogs like this are of any benefit to society and should be free from state censorship implemented through the threat of certain bankruptcy please read on:

Stolen from Guido Fawkes, I urge everyone with a blog to reprint and share, and everyone who reads a blog to sign the petition.

"A free and open world increasingly depends on a free and open internet. The internet empowers everyone — anyone can blog, create, learn, and share.

It is controlled by no one — no single organisation, individual, or government. It connects the world.

Today, more than two billion people are online — about a third of the planet.

Hacked Off supporter Max Mosley told parliament he wants the government “to cut off the wires” to websites he thinks should be censored. Millionaire celebrities like Hugh Grant want to regulate free speech on the internet.

They want laws to force dissident refusenik bloggers to risk paying exemplary fines if they refuse to submit to the regulator.

The Hacked Off-drafted press control Royal Charter aims to regulate any blog which carried news-related material aimed at readers in the United Kingdom.

Tell Max Mosley we will not be cut off, tell Hugh Grant we will not be regulated, we will not be fined.

Keep the world wide web open and free." Sign the petition here

Wednesday, 20 March 2013

It’s All Happening Here

Don’t forget this Saturday (23rd March) Worcester Park is the place to be (with a bit going on in North Cheam too).

The Worcester Park Traders Association (WPTA) are hosting an Easter celebration day including children's colouring competition, balloon race, face painters, balloon sculptures, fairground rides, a rolling raffle, wine tasting, zumba dancing plus the Easter bunny will be there as well!

Sharing Central Road with all this frivolity will be the now regular French Market (from Friday through to Sunday - 10am -3pm each day) offering their many produits français for sale by real French people. Pop down for your Gallic garlic, Parisian patisserie and Norman nibbles while you browse the many crafts and novelties that only a street market provides.

If during all of this you suddenly find your self overcome by the need to dance, worry not! At Worcester Park's ‘You Are Here’ popup shop at 44 Central Road there will be free family dance sessions all day.

And meanwhile at the new meanwhile space popup shop just up the road (at the Victoria House crossroads), Worcester Park’s own Magic Marcus Morgan will be performing his special brand of magic and fun. The show will include a balloon modelling competition, party games and something called “Puppet Karaoke”. Its on from 2pm until 5pm and it's all free so just turn up with the little-uns and enjoy.

So if you were wondering what to do on Saturday, now you know!

Arsonist Charged

A man has been charged by police for the three incidents of arson that afflicted Central Road shops and Stone Place in December and January.

Michael White, 36, of Malden Road, Worcester Park, was charged with three counts of arson at Sutton Police Station yesterday (Tuesday 19th March) and is due to appear at Croydon Magistrates Court on 4th April.

The three charges relate to the fires set to:
- rubbish at the front of Poundland on 11th December 2012
- a shed at the rear of WHSmith’s on 8th January 2013
- rubbish next to recycling bins in Stone Place close to the library on 8th January 2013.

All incidents happened between midnight and 1am.

The culprit was spotted on CCTV running from the scene on the 8th of January and then going straight to a cash point. All the police needed to do was ask the bank who had used the cash point at that time. When it turned out the man who had used it had a history of arson it wasn’t difficult to work out who to arrest. During questioning he admitted being in the area at the time and that he may have inadvertently dropped a lit match or cigarette.

Tuesday, 19 March 2013

Dorchester Road Robbery

The Sun Bakery convenient store in Dorchester Road was robbed last night just as Rajan, the owner was about to close up the shop around 7pm. Three men  wearing balaclavas burst in and forced their way behind the counter where they grabbed him around the throat and punched him in the face before running out of the store with cash and a mobile phone, being chased by Rajan.

The suspects ran off down Boscombe Road. Despite searching the area, police could find no trace of the suspects who are described as three white men aged 20-30.

Rajan was taken to hospital by ambulance where he stayed overnight but is now recovering at home. The Worcester Park Blog understands the robbery was caught on the store’s CCTV camera so we hope this might help the police but as the robbers were wearing balaclavas police really need help from anyone who might have seen anything or might know something about what happened.

If you saw or know anything that could help the police catch these criminals please contact the police:
  • Dial: 101
  • Worcester Park Safer Neighbourhood Team: 0208 649 3590
  • Anonymously if you prefer – Crime stoppers: 0800 555 111
  • In an emergency always dial: 999

The Worcester Park Blog wishes Rajan a speedy recovery.

Update 10th April 2013: Rajan is still recovering at home but should be back at work next week. Hope you're feeling better.

Monday, 18 March 2013

Let There Be Lights

Today the process of topping all those new black poles with actual lights began. The work began at the corner of Green Lane and the contractors have been working their way up Central Road. In a quick chat this morning they told the Worcester Park Blog that the actual lights are very heavy and use new led technology meaning they will be very bright but use much less electricity. They couldn't give an estimate of when the work would be finished saying, 'it depends on how long it takes to wire them all in.'

Don’t worry, I am not planning to blog about every detail of the  Central Road developments as they happen – it is just so exciting to see improvements actually happening in this forgotten corner of Sutton. Thanks Boris!

To answer a question posed before, I might very well update the picture at the head of the Blog after all this work is done. Perhaps I will offer some alternatives and readers can vote for their favourite!

Sunday, 17 March 2013

Post Price Push?

It has been brought to the Worcester Park Blog’s attention that some people believe they have been up sold at the post office.

One person – let’s call them ‘Person X’, told the Blog that they wanted to send a letter by recorded delivery and was told the price was over £5, which they paid. Afterwards they discovered this was actually the price for next day, before 9am, special delivery - not the cheaper recorded delivery which they requested.

In another example Person X said they wanted to send a 2.5kg parcel and asked for the cheapest way possible. They were told this was £12.60 but challenged the cashier believing it should be £8.80. The cashier admitted that this was indeed the price but claimed they hadn’t heard the request for the cheapest way.

Having not got anything I need to post, I haven’t been to perform a ‘mystery customer’ test at the Post Office. However I would be interested to know if anyone else has experienced this.

Anyone believing they may have encountered questionable practices from any shop or business should contact Trading Standards. Our two closest are:

London Borough of Sutton
Business Regulation Service
Civic Offices
St Nicholas Way
0208 770 5070
   Royal Borough of Kingston upon Thames
Trading Standards Service
Kingston upon Thames
08454 04 05 06

Local Thieves Jailed

A thief living in Worcester Park and his two accomplices have been jailed after police interrupted their plans to rob a security van last year by ramming their stolen car.

Girry Richardson, 20, of The Hollands, Worcester Park was sentenced to 34 months at the Old Bailey on Friday the 8th of March for his part in the gang’s plot to steal thousands of pounds from a G4S or Loomis security van on the 21st of August last year. His two accomplices Charlie Critchley, 19, from Surbiton and Nicholas George Carter, 20, from Chingford were sentenced to 28 months each.

The police, acting on intelligence had been watching Richardson already and at 9:25 on the morning of the 21st, he and Carter were observed leaving Worcester Park in a stolen Nissan Juke to pick up Critchley from Surbiton. They changed the number plates and were then spotted outside Barclays bank opposite Victoria House in North Cheam before heading just up the road and into the Sainsbury’s car park where they were seen monitoring a cash delivery. They spent the next 4 hours trailing G4S and Loomis security vehicles around Tolworth, Cheam, Morden and Kingston, watching the stopped vans from doorways and from inside a William Hill bookmakers. Occasionally the men were seen getting out of the Nissan and approaching the van.

At 2:40pm Flying Squad officers decided it was necessary to bring their vehicle to a ‘hard stop’ and rammed the car in Burlington Road, New Malden. A silver BMW and a 131 bus full of passengers were also hit in the crash.

Girry Richardson, Nicholas George Carter, Charlie Critchley
The three pleaded guilty to the lesser crime of conspiracy to steal, even though an industrial angle grinder and an illegal satellite jamming device found in their car suggested they were prepared to use force to commit robbery.

Richardson's lawyer, Jemma Levinson, asked for leniency based on their ineptitude and a lack of criminal sophistication - all three had been wearing hoodies and gloves on a summer's day. However the judge, Rebecca Poulet, disagreed and also took into account Richardson’s high risk of re-offending when imposing his sentence. She told Richardson, "The fact is you know and I know you had a choice when you committed this offence."

Saturday, 16 March 2013

New Poles Line Central Road

No we haven’t been invaded by a tall black headless army; the improvements to Central Road have finally begun. The numerous poles which will soon be topped with new street lights are the first phase of the improvements to Worcester Park (and North Cheam) that have come from Boris’s Outer London Fund (the money the Lib Dems pretended Roger Roberts won for the by-election last year). 

Many will have noticed the recent road works which have been to clean out the underground channels and lay the cables for the new lights and the new CCTV which will also be going in. 

We should soon start to see many more changes including a new bus stop at Brabham Court, re-paving of pavements and parking areas, extending and replanting of green spaces and some new benches and cycle parking.

Wednesday, 13 March 2013

Bridge To Get a Clean

The Campaign to clean up Worcester Park Rail Bridge might soon have lived up to its aims as they received confirmation within the last 24 hours that Network Rail will be issuing a work order in the new financial year. They hope to have the graffiti removed by the end of the summer/early autumn.

The bridge which is within the London Borough of Kingston has needed a proper repaint for over a decade and the Campaign, which was set up in November 2011 has worked tirelessly just to get this far.

Well over a hundred local residents have supported the campaign on Facebook with various local councillors helping to apply pressure and even the local MP writing some letters.

We now await the day of the great bridge paint with bated breath.

Tuesday, 12 March 2013

Bingo For a Good Cause

Worcester Park Athletic Club are holding a Bingo night on Saturday 16th March to help raise money for Breast Cancer Care. There will be cash prizes and the first game starts at 7.45.

They would like to make this a fun enjoyable evening for all, so families, friends and children are all welcome. Existing and new members are always welcome. Come and join in the fun!

Any donations are welcome and can be left behind the bar.

Hope to see you there!

Thursday, 7 March 2013

Free Show to Magically Popup in North Cheam

Worcester Park’s own resident magician, Magic Marcus Morgan will be turning Cheam’s Popup Shop into a free magic show on Saturday the 23rd of March.

Magic Marcus will perform several taster magic shows throughout the afternoon to show the sort of entertainment he can bring to children’s parties along with a balloon modelling competition, party games and something called “Puppet Karaoke”.

The first waving of the wand will be at 2pm and the magic will continue through until 5pm. So bring the kids and enjoy the show!

North Cheam’s new ‘You are here’ Popup shop is at 462-464 London Road, North Cheam, SM3 8JB, where the loft shop used to be, near the Victoria House cross roads.

For more details visit And yes -  it’s on the same day the Worcester Park Traders Association Easter Fun Day. You could come to both!

Litterers Beware

Someone in Inverness Road has obviously had enough of your mess...

So there.

Wednesday, 6 March 2013

Burst Gas Main Closes Road

The crossroads where Langley Avenue, Dorchester Rd, Boscombe Rd and Clarkes Avenue meet is the scene of major road works after a gas main burst  requiring immediate repair. Reduced traffic can still get through Dorchester Rd, Boscombe Rd and Clarkes Avenue, but the entrance to Langley Road is closed at this junction, requiring vehicles to go via London Road instead.

According to the Gas Board's site manager, the road should hopefully be open before the end of week. Fingers crossed…

Pop Into Popup for Second Hand Launch and Other Old Stuff

Many people will have noticed the new "You Are Here" popup shop on the right while waiting at the London Road/Cheam Common Road lights (where the loft shop used to be). It is a bigger version of the Worcester Park popup shop which opened at 44 Central Road in August last year.

Now while the question on everyone lips is undoubtedly "Why should North Cheam get a bigger shop?", The Worcester Park Blog can at least reveal that there will be interesting things going on here to temp us to the other side (of London Road).

The first of these is tonight (6th March) from 5pm until 8:30 and is the launch of "That Second Hand Shop" which is renting one of two spaces there. From here they are selling a range of furniture and miscellaneous items spanning modern, vintage, retro and just plain old. Tonight they are offering free drinks, opening discounts and the chance to support Cancer Research UK with a cupcake!

While on the subject of old, in the next room there is an ongoing exhibition of North Cheam through the ages. "Pictures of you" - the North Cheam Community Archive, is continually looking for old photographs, newspaper articles and stories from the area. If you have or know anyone with anything that may by of interest to the exhibition, please let them know. For more information visit

Apparently we will be getting a Worcester Park version soon. Watch this space...

Monday, 4 March 2013

Notice Served on Proposed Mosque Building

The saga of the old bank chambers at 2-4 Green Lane, now well known as the site of the proposed Mosque continues. People who have been apparently using it all along as a mosque have had notice served on them for breaching planning law.

There were many reports of people gathering there at set prayer times while their planning proposal was being debated last year. And more reports of people continuing afterwards in spite of planning permission being turned down. Here’s a recording of Worcester Park Conservative Councillor Stuart Gordon Bullock speaking at the Cheam North and Worcester Park local committee (Mon 10th Dec 2012) about the problem, a week after the application was rejected:

Councillor Gordon Bullock has apparently had to keep the pressure up on Sutton Council to enforce the planning decision. As a result, the Planning Contravention Notice was finally served on the 13th of February and the building is now no longer being used for this purpose.

Sunday, 3 March 2013

Jango Un-found

Can you help reunite a worried cat owner with her tabby cat Jango? She has gone missing in Worcester Park - she's not been seen since Thursday the 28th of Feb.

The owner is really worried. Please email her directly on if you spot Jango in the area. She will be very grateful.