Thursday, 28 February 2013

On Leaving Worcester Park

I must admit to being tempted recently to leave Worcester Park.

Perhaps I have just been worn down by years enduring the daily crawl along a traffic-choked Central Road, spending untold hours every month just getting from one side of Worcester Park to the other. Or perhaps it has been the month after month of relentless grey skies and freezing weather, relieved only by the flames of the occasional blazes at Poundland and WH Smith.

To make matters worse, Tesco tell me (via the medium of billboard advertising) that their new store in Old Malden is actually in Worcester Park. They’ve arbitrarily made Worcester Park a whole lot bigger (we now incorporate The Plough and a 1980s picture of Top Celebrity Critic Gary Bushell) so travelling from one side of town to the other now takes even longer than it did before.

It’s all getting too much.

But what if I did leave Worcester Park? There would be things I would miss too much.

Surely there is no town in this land with a Lebanese deli, butchery, bakery, pizzerie and cakery to match the legend that is Ryan Gate.

And then Nefis install a new shop sign so blindingly bright that, like an unhealthy moth round a fat-filled light bulb, I am unable to resist the allure of their burgers (not that I could before the new sign was installed, mind you).

I would miss the wonderful independent traders who cling on for dear life to their existence in Central Road. They need to be used not just admired, by the way, because they won’t survive without you. In particular I would miss that wine shop at the top of the hill that I may have mentioned once or twice on the blog.

And Broadway Bargains, selling things we never need, some things we probably do need but will never know that we need, and the only place for miles around where you can buy a single button if the fancy takes you.

Then there is 'Born Sushi' - coming soon, according to the sign in the window, for the past year at the shop in Windsor Road. Well, now the word 'soon' has fallen down, so it now is apparently just 'coming'. If I left Worcester Park, I would never get to see if it ever does actually open. 

I would miss the sense of identity and community that Worcester Park still manages to maintain despite the rampant homegenisation of our towns and high streets and the rise of social networking, which gives us more reasons than ever before to stop interacting with the real people around us.

Above all I would miss the blog, all the people I have met through it, the support of so many people in and around the local area and the wonderful comments and emails I continue to receive (including the ones that are far too salacious and scandalous to make it to your screens). It's been a blast.

So that’s settled then. Leaving you would be a ridiculous idea. I can’t begin to think what came over me – I’ve just not been feeling myself recently.

Normal service will be resumed tomorrow.

So long live Worcester Park. 

Long live the Worcester Park Blog!

Trading Up

After receiving funding from Boris' outer London fund Worcester Park Traders Association (WPTA) has been re launched with the aim to promote Worcester Park business's which include the many independent high street retailers and service providers.

There are many upcoming events in the pipeline, the first being an Easter celebration day on the 23 rd March, as well as a French market selling genuine French produce.

The WPTA will also be organising a children's colouring competition, balloon race, face painters, balloon sculptures, a rolling raffle, zumba dancing plus the Easter bunny will be there as well.

To enable you to access the WPTA a brand new web site is currently being built at by Megabytes in Windsor Road. 

Through the site you will be able to locate local shops, businesses and services, keep abreast of all upcoming events and special offers. 

You can contact the WPTA on There are many specialist retailers in WP all of whom are experts in their own field, the WPTA aims to promote these in the coming year while helping to put Worcester Park back on the shopping map.

Support your local traders!

Wednesday, 27 February 2013

Free Wine Tasting Friday at the VinBin

The VinBin is at it again, this time with a mostly French ambiance as Frederic uncorks a new selection from our gallic neighbour and pours free tasters for anyone who wishes to turn up.

The emphasis is on approachable French wines that perfectly represent the areas they come from. Apparently this is known as the “terroir". There will also be two new Malbec's, (at least the grape is originally from Bordeaux) as these are so popular in The VinBin.

Vin Bin is at the top of Central Road, opposite the North End Tavern. Tasting is this Friday (1st March) and begins at 6pm. Pop along and enjoy!

Tuesday, 26 February 2013

Burst Water Main

A Burst water main on Monday morning (25th Feb) on the corner of Malden Road and D'Arcy Road has caused extra traffic problems along the A2043. Sutton and East Surrey Water were on hand to block the main road and repair the damage. Traffic is now back to normal just taking a mere two hours to travel between Worcester Park and the A3.

Tuesday, 12 February 2013

Vandal Scandal

Police are appealing for information after two young men caused a trail of damage to homes and vehicles in Caldbeck Avenue and surrounding roads between 01.00-02.00hrs on Saturday 2nd February.

More than a dozen reports have been made by residents about broken fences, walls, gates and windows. Some reports mention aerials and wing mirrors being broken on vehicles. Other roads hit by the damage include Browning Avenue and Brinkley Road.

PC Luke Lazell, of Worcester Park Safer Neighbourhoods Team, said this was mindless behaviour designed to upset and distress local residents. “We urge the public to come forward with any information that could help us catch those people responsible.”

One suspect is described as a white male, aged 24, 5ft 9in tall and of large build. He had short cropped hair, had tattoos on his arms and had dried blood around his nose. He was wearing a white T-shirt.

The second suspect is described as a white male, aged 25, 6ft tall and of slim build. He had dark brown hair.

Local officers have visited residents and are appealing for any information about who may be responsible, or if residents saw anyone acting suspiciously, or heard any unusual noises. Worcester Park Safer Neighbourhoods Team can be contacted on 020 8649 3590. Email:

Alternatively, contact Crimestoppers anonymously on 0800 555 111.