Tuesday, 11 December 2012

Christmas Theft Appeal

Police are appealing for witnesses after a burglar broke into a house in Worcester Park and drove off in the owner’s Mini Cooper Convertible parked outside, after having first loaded it with wrapped Xmas presents and wine from inside the property.

The presents, wrapped by family members, were ready to be taken to relatives in the North East of England. The haul also included at least 24 bottles of wine, £200 cash and the keys to the blue mini.

The thieves gained entry by kicking in the front door of the property in Boscombe Road, Worcester Park, on Monday (10th December) sometime between 08.30hrs - 20.50hrs.

PC Duncan Harris, of Sutton’s Crime Prevention Team, urged residents to be aware that criminals consider Christmas to be a time of ‘taking’ rather than ‘giving’. “Please take steps to protect your home so you reduce the likelihood of becoming a target,” he said.

If you saw anyone acting suspiciously during these times, please contact Sutton’s Burglary & Robbery Investigation Team on 020 8649 0777. Alternatively, you can contact Crimestoppers anonymously on 0800 555 111.

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Gemma said...

I am so sad to read this story. My thoughts go out to the family. Only an absolute b@#tard would do this to someone especially at Christmas. It concerns me as I am only around the corner so will take extra precautions now.

Little Smiff said...

Saw this article on the Surrey Comet website and added a comment there but got no response. There were a few things about this story that had me thinking. Firstly, PC Harris tells us that we should take steps to secure our home. To most people that is just common sense but how are we supposed to protect our home against thieves who are prepared to kick a front door in? Secondly did the neighbours not hear the commotion of the door being kicked in and did nobody notice that the front door was open and damaged? Thirdly whatever happened to the Safer Neighbourhood patrols? If the police know that burglary rates increase prior to Christmas how about increasing street patrols to make the burglars a little more wary.

Guest said...

I very much doubt the local police have spare capacity to saturate KT4 with patrols. With that thought in mind, I think the gist of the idea is that neighbours look out for themselves and each other, informing police of suspicious activity when necessary.

It's difficult to believe that amongst the densely packed properties of Boscombe Road, nobody saw or heard a front door being kicked in or somebody unknown subsequently transferring the contents of the house to a car known to be owned by the absent house owner.

The alternative is to ignore PC Harris, and for residents to do nothing, ignore anyone or anything suspicious and then blame the police when it's all too late!

Gill Till said...

I live in Stoneleigh and on 17th December - the exact thing happened to us late afternoon when it was dark.. The 'safe' double glazed front door was kicked in. They found our car keys and took the car, several items and a lifetime's collection of jewellery. We have very friendly and helpful neighbours who were probably home at the time but heard nothing. So shortly our house will be similar to Fort Knox - with nothing left to steal. In retrospect - there were further steps we could have taken to make our property more secure and less obvious we were not home at the time of the burglary. Hindsight is a wonderful thing - so if you are not alarmed - become so. I would not wish this feeling of violation on anyone - except perhaps on a burglar.

Mark said...

Went on holiday over Christmas for one week and the house well prepared. Alarm, clock timers on lights and radio, etc...
No break in, however bins were collected in that week from the front garden and put back completely blocking my entrance. There they stood for almost one week clearly indicating to any burglar that nobody was in. The best prep in the world will not prevent a burglary with signs like this!!!

Paul said...

I think this is a sport played by the bin men. Every bin collection morning I leave the full bins neatly stacked to one side of the drive at the pavement; each evening after collection I return to find the empty bins positioned across the drive to make sure I can't get into the drive without moving them. Presumably I need to have given them a Christmas bung to ensure access for the coming year.

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