Thursday, 22 November 2012

Public Meeting To Decide Mosque Fate

The fate of Worcester Park's mosque planning application will be decided a public meeting to be held on Monday 3rd December at Cheam High School. 

The meeting of Sutton Council's Development Control Committee will start at 7.30pm, and will be open to the public.

Sutton Council's planning officers will give a brief presentation of the proposal and Sutton residents may request the right to speak at the meeting and voice objection to the proposal, however under the Council's strict rules only one objector will be allowed to speak and for a maximum 4 minutes. 

A Ward Councillor will then be able to speak, followed by the Applicant - all of whom will also be limited to 4 minutes each. 

The Chair of the Committee will then be allowed to ask the objector or applicant to clarify any points of detail, following which the application for the mosque will be decided on a show of hands from the Committee.

The Development Control Committee, who will decide the application, will consist of:

Councillor John Leach (chair)
Monica Coleman (vice chair)
Eric Allen
Sheila Andrews
Janet Lowne
Mary Burstow
Moira Butt
Anisha Callaghan
Richard Clifton
Margaret Court
Stephen Fenwick
Peter Geiringer
Bruce Glithero
Lester Holloway
Edward Joyce
Wendy Mathys
Hamish Pollock
Roger Roberts
Tony Shields
Stan Theed
Graham Witham