Friday, 9 November 2012

Bienvenue dans le Parc de Worcester!

Worcester Park has gone all Gallic today, with the start of the two-day French Market, which is open today and tomorrow from 10am to 3pm.

The genuinely French stallholders are setting up along Central Road ready to sell their genuinely French food, crafts and delicacies - everything, we are promised, from garlic, patisserie, crepes and tartiflette to Provencal soaps, wooden flowers and scarves.
Let's hope that this is one invasion of foreigners that pleases the conservative folk of Worcester Park - and seeing as they are here for two days only, that should be too little time for somebody to start a petition.

Whatever you (and I) might had said in the past about Sutton Council neglecting Worcester Park as its 'forgotten borough', it's good to see them innovating and using money from the Outer London Fund to put on events such as this in little old KT4.

Meanwhile, for those craving the more genteel and traditionally British activity of detonating explosives and burning a Catholic at the stake the 4th Worcester Park Scouts will be holding their annual community fireworks display on Saturday (10th November) at 8pm at the HQ in Braemar Road, Worcester Park.

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allenn007 said...

I wouldn't speak too soon, I'm sure some NIMBY (or UKIP supporter) is already printing out petitions to prevent a return of these 'foreign invaders'...on the basis of two days of 'reduced parking'.

Culture and Diversity said...

Allenn007, but regrettably, these visitors have failed to fulfill our hopes.

Disappointingly, it seems they fully co-operated with Sutton Council, even in advance of their arrival - rather than simply ignoring the Council, pitching up as they see fit and submitting their instructions for the Council to agree, 2 years in arrears.

Most frustrating of all, these visitors are actually engaging with the entire local community, rather than just the minority of a chosen minority faith - certainly not our sort of diversity at all!

Still, the anniversary of the 1970 Syrian Corrective Revolution is on 13th November, so there's another reason to wholeheartedly enjoy Saturday's annual ceremony of the burning of the Christian.

Julie said...

What a wonderful experience and fantastic to have the market in Worcester Park and the welcome they gave me as I shopped at their stalls. I for one was really pleased to see them on Central Road & look forward to their return and hope it is soon ! Is there anyone else with the same feeling as mine ??
As for the firework display I hope the Scouts had a great turn out, they do magnificent work with young people and are an asset to our community

Paul said...

I would have loved to go along and eat my bodyweight in patisserie, but I only read this blog post this morning, and was completely unaware of the event. Zut alors!

longfellow said...

totally agree wish we could have it every month. what a lovely selection

the staff at Iceland need to take lessons from the stall holders that's how to give good customer services

KT4 mum said...

Lovely to see so many people enjoying the French Market (me included) really hope we will have more of this. Be interested to know if it helped local businesses - there seemed to be so many more people around! It felt like the life had been injected back in to the high street. We need to keep this going.

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