Friday, 16 November 2012

Farewell Oscar

Worcester Park's beloved furry friend Oscar the cat has died at the age of eighteen and a half.

The much loved moggy who could regularly be found outside his home at Pets Place, or taking shelter in Superdrug next door, passed away earlier this week.

Oscar, who celebrated his birthday in April this year, has been away from Central Road for some months due to ill health and old age.

RIP oscar.

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cat lover said...

oh no that is terrible, but he had a good life. I truly truly believe there should be some sort of plaque for him, he was such a part of Worcester Park, would be such a lovely thing for everyone to do for him.

cat lover 2 said...

I totally agree about a plaque, he will be so so terribly missed. My family were always talking about him.

Carpet muncher said...

Good ridden to bad rubbish.....just like John James gardening.....hahah

cat lover 3 said...

I will miss seeing Oscar too in Superdrug, NatWest and Pet's Place. A plaque is a lovely idea. RIP little fella.

KFC gyal said...

Well good riddens I say, too many cats in WP already especially an ugly old thing like this. Merry Xmas everryone.

terry robinson said...

You can't even spend riddence or everyone properly and it clearly shows how uneducated you are!!! What a terrible thing to say Mr Moron!!

DT said...

If you ever attack someone's English take care to get your own correct.

terry robinson said...

it was spell check that changed it!!! But from your comments you are not a nice person

KFC gyal said...

Come outside KFC on Friday 11pm and me and my friends will give ur ass a good fisting.....haha u ginger tozzer

peterc said...

You are a very very sad person, Oscar was loved by everyone (apart from you of course) and was a part of Worcester Park - can't believe you have posted your comment

Brendan Austin said...

It is with great sadness that we inform your readers that
OSCAR, the famous black and white cat of Worcester Park has died ages 18 ½

Oscar was a true character of Central Road. He knew exactly where he was welcomed. He would sit under the heaters in Superdrug and sleep for hours in the National Westminster Bank or Santander. He would perch on the tills at home in Pets Place and in the fine weather would sit on the rabbit hutches outside, not once did he ever cross the busy road.

In his younger days and when he would not come in at night, we would find him in the morning sitting on the pavement watching the early morning traffic.

His eyesight started to fail about a year ago and recently he retired from public life to live with a member of staff. He passed away having woken, did his morning rounds and returned to his bed and peacefully slipped away. Thank you to everyone who has been into the shop and mentioned his passing – so many stories that could be told.

Brendan Austin
Pets Place

Little Smiff said...

The reason Oscar was well repsected was because, deep down, we all wished we could have been him. He chose where he went, when he went there, what he did when he was there and also only let people near him when he was in the right mood (which was most of the time). He had a carefree arrogance about him but stiil managed to live the life of Riley as was shown by his above average lifespan.

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