Thursday, 29 November 2012

Christmas Late Night

Worcester Park's Christmas Late Night takes place tomorrow (Friday) evening from 6pm to 8pm in Central Road.

Local traders will be opening late for you to grab some early Christmas bargains and Central Road will be packed with stalls, food and drinks and festive entertainment from local school choirs.

Worcester Park's own Christmas pop-up boutique store has also now opened for business at 'You Are Here' - 44 Central Road.

Wrap up warm and enjoy the evening!

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Billy bob said...

What happened are they trying to kill Xmas in Worcester park so that when the mosque gets permission they haven't got to worry about offending anyone

andy said...

a DISASTER - awful planning ( thanks mr or mrs or ms council organiser !

WHERE - was the ferris wheel .. ?
WHERE - were the roasted chestnuts .. ?
WHERE - was Santa .. ?

.. but .. more importantly - WHERE WERE YOU ???

Thanks a bunch Sutton Council - a classic !

You received funding from the MAYOR OF LONDON for this. We think you have just put it into your bank account. That's nice.

Community Spirit said...

WHERE - exactly did your community efforts fit into this event?

Whilst everybody else was doing their bit for the event along the High Street and in the library, WHERE WERE YOU?

Oliver Twist said...

The road named Leyfield has its Christmas light display up again, kids love this road at this time of year. Recommend anyone with kids to walk or drive down this road.

John Moore said...

Regarding the road named Leyfield. Surely it should be called Lightsfield.

Sean kenney said...

I wondered what all the fuss was about until I drove down Leyfield, turn the corner and wow. I take John's point....Lightsfield. Lol

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