Monday, 1 October 2012

Windah Kickin Good (or Kicking The Bucket)

KFC in Worcester Park has been closed briefly after their plate glass door received a kicking overnight.

The Worcester Park Blog understands that the hoodlums did not manage to break in to the fast food establishment, and the Colonel's secret recipe for clogged arteries is therefore safe.


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Mark Fisher said...

Disgusting!!! This is just mindless vandalism by mindless thugs just for the "thrill" of doing it. Hopefully there will be CCTV of them doing it.

Scott Hawkins said...

Well i can see from the picture that there is a camera, so i hope you're right Mark.

Sammy Salmonella said...

Maybe Worcester Park would be a safer place if the CCTV was repositioned, to recorded what was going on inside?

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