Saturday, 13 October 2012

Popping Up Again

In August the Friends of Worcester Park Library launched a successful pop-up gallery and children's play venture in the former 'Model Road & Rail' shop at 44 Central Road.

Now a group called Meanwhile Space are looking to continue this good work. As part of a bigger programme of work they have taken on the lease of the shop for a short-term period. Their plan is to continue the work that the library have already achieved and to develop the space into a community hub for various activities and new business innovation.

Although still in the early stages of designing the identity of the space, they hope to present a welcoming interactive environment for all ages.

Meanwhile Space are working in partnership with the London Borough of Sutton to deliver a regeneration project targeting empty retail properties in the areas of Worcester Park and North Cheam. 

Their aim is to make best use of these empty properties by offering them as space to test new business ideas without financial risk, bringing innovation and creativity back to the high street.

The group welcome all ideas…teaching, studio space, animal day-care, scalextric rally, pop-up cinema, retail, rehearsal space, yoga class…

The space is available at very reasonable rates and booking with us is via a simple application process.

The deadline for expressions of interest is Friday 19th October- contact for an application form, or pop into the shop at 44 Central Road.

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Tax paying resident of KT4 said...

I found out recently at a trip to the library, that as local volunteers, the Friends of WP Library have been putting forward numerous suggestions from the community, to the London Borough of Sutton.

However, (allegedly) virtually all requests for support from the LBS were met with the flat response that there wasn't any money to fund any of local residents' proposals. As a result, the Friends have been putting on events with what support they can drum up from local residents and traders.
But now I read that a commercial company has been brought in by LBS, to offer to do the same things previously offered for free - but for a price - and, it would appear, suddenly the London Borough of Sutton can find the money! Funny old world/council isn't it?
Now I can appreciate what all the fuss was about in the library... Maybe one of our illustrious Councillors can explain why it makes financial sense to turn down community minded volunteers and then use cash that doesn't exist, to pay someone to come in and provide the same service? ... Hopefully without commissioning 'Meanwhile Space' to provide the answer!

meanwhile space said...

Meanwhile Space will soon be launching a full programme of activity taking place at the You Are Here HQ at 44 Central Road, Worcester Park. The activities will all be lead by local residents who submitted successful applications to use the space to run new projects and exciting new business ideas. For more information please see our website

We have also launched an exciting art and design competition focusing on the exterior of Victoria House - engaging with local residents and community groups to create a visually engaging solution to the now disused building while it awaits re-development.

More information on the Victoria House project is available here

Terrance Siler said...

Good thing this one's opening now. I'm still looking for some place where I can buy commercial property near my place.

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