Wednesday, 17 October 2012

Auction Near

4th Worcester Park Scouts will be holding another auction this Saturday, 20th of October, at the 4th Worcester Park Scouts Group HQ, Braemar Road, Worcester Park, Surrey, KT4 8SW

An opportunity to have some fun and maybe find that little thing you have been looking for - you can go along to see what is up for Auction at 1:30 PM and the event  will start at 2:30 PM.
If you would like to sell something bring your lots down for Auction between 10:00 and 11:30 AM. The group charge 20 pence to include your item in the main catalogue and retain just 1/3 of the selling price with a maximum of £10.
Admission /catalogue is 50 pence and refreshments will be available during the event.
This event is organised by the Scouts Fundraising Team and all of the money goes to support the group.

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Sir Robert Baden-Powell said...

I sincerely hope that once this post is removed (promptly on the morning of Sunday 21 October, of course), that ALL remnants of Sellotape or other non branded adhesive materials are removed as well in their entirety.

As this key issue is literally the highest priority matter in my life at present, I will be inspecting the site with a powerful magnifying glass, and if I find any trace of this post I will be sure to bleat about how such hooliganism on the part of these selfish individuals is blighting the otherwise pristine neighborhood.

Thank you.

Fed said...

Dear local resident
Not sure why you keep on accusing us of "hooliganism" and other things, when the only thing we are trying to do is raise money for a local group that needs help.
Not everyone that comments on on these discussion forums are part of the Scouts group and might have a different point of view.

As mentioned before I do my best to take down the posters once the events are finished .
If you would like to help us with the task, we will be doing it on the 20th at around 6PM.

Best regards


Thumbs up to the scouts said...

Robert Baden-Powell (previously known as Native Worcester Parker),

Beneath your previous post, you wrote "This kind of backward thinking is just archaic, boring and sad.", which, strangely enough, not only summed up your previous effort perfectly, but fits equally well for your latest pile of debris.
Most of us are aware that if we put our mind to it, we could do more for the local community and we particularly value those who take the time and trouble to do something constructive for local people - such as the local scout group.

In contrast, virtually everyone has only contempt for those malicious enough to seek to undermine and damage the efforts of those who go out of their way to support those around them.

Try looking up the word "perception" and discover a brand new life skill.

sarcastic so and so said...

Wow, all I can say is what a major sense of humour failure. Get over yourself! I would have thought most people would have taken that as a piss take of recent posts concerning the scouts posters.

Oh well

4PS said...

When you watch Little Britain do you think it is real...I think most of us get the doing good part and value it...a lot...but a little humour here and also very welcome hopes!

Stephan said...

Anyone know if they will auction off children? We have a couple we don't want any more. I dont suppose we'd get much for them but at least we'll get a lay in on a Sunday....

Thumbs up to the scouts said...

Here, we have repeatedly seen how those who indulge in covert public swipes at local volunteers and local voluntary organisations, justify it as 'humour'.

However, when the tables are turned, note how those contemptuously attacking volunteers become so contrastingly distressed and protest how unfair it is that their own humiliation is the source of 'humour'.

What is real is that today the local scouts are holding their auction and good luck to them. In contrast, others will be on the internet, making out they are someone and something that they are not.

Perhaps you'd like to rethink what's real?

4PS said...

Knock, Knock.
Who's there?
Interrupting Cow.
Interrupting C...

Thumbs up to the socuts said...

Knock! Knock!
Who's there?
Anne who?
Anne R Sole, whose only contribution to their community is malicious contempt, spinelessly behind a shield of on-line anonymity.

...Meanwhile, back in the real world, local charities, community groups and volunteers carried on as before, leaving lonely Anne to seek out likeminded sad, lost souls in the virtual world.

DT said...

Perhaps the scouts should have a badge in 'Irony', the original post was so over the top it was a clear attack on the person who first complained about the posters, remaining up.

Irony, is defined as making a statement exactly counter to ones position for effect.

Unfortunately, it seems, even when expressed in such an extreme fashion, some can misunderstand.

Thumbs up to the scouts said...

No doubt, the 'irony' of your suggestion to the scouts won't have been missed by them or anyone else. I suspect nobody (except yourself) can have failed to understand the dramatic irony of the least community supportive, behind a shield of anonymity, idly submitting criticisms of the activities of named contributors to the community, suggesting how the doers ought to more energetically invest their time to support their community!

Within a community short of active contributors, but with an excess of idle critics of them, it would certainly help to know who the good guys are. Why don't those with an excess of poorly invested free time on their hands try making a badge of their own? Perhaps 'time rich - productivity poor'? And do feel free to click the 'unlike' down arrow below this comment - that is, if you feel up to expending a little of that mounting reserve of energy.

THE Auctioneer said...

Oh dear.......thumbs up to the scouts, IT'S A JOKE.....PLEASE try and have a little laughter in your life and you will enjoy it more. I'm sure your not a Mr [or Mrs] grump grumps ALL THE TIME. Maybe you just got out of bed the wrong side or perhaps Mrs [or Mr] grump grumps didn't put enough milk in your tea that morning so you didn't realise it was a joke. Sir Robert was taking the P out of a post that was on this blog sometime back. I gather you are new to this site and have not seen it [the old post about the scouts] other wise you would have had a chuckle at Sir Roberts witty post........I HOPE. Why have you not had a go at Stephan [the nasty little man] who wants to auction off his children just so he can have a lay in on a Sunday [the lazy scoundral]. OH i see ...........IT'S A JOKE ...nice one Stephan, made me laugh anyway.

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