Saturday, 28 July 2012

Food Market and Tea Party Today!

A specialist food Market and tea party is being held in Worcester Park today, on Central Road at the junction with Green Lane and also on Central Road outside the Police Office.

The event will feature circus tricks, cakes and tea, face painting, music and more and is being organised by Sutton Council to promote the Outer London Fund which will be investing over £1 million to improve the High Streets of Worcester Park and North Cheam.

The event is on from 10am to 4pm today.

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cyc said...

No objections to this creating a traffic issue on and around Green Lane? How curious.

Michael said...

Very little impact on the traffic was noticed by myself while I was in
the vacinity for an hour or two. I asked many locals visiting the stalls
how they got there. All I spoke to said "on foot".

Some stall holders and brass band members had to find parking but as it was a one off event
and sympathetically planned on a Saturday at an off peek time (not 5pm on a friday
or other weekday at rush hour or at an anti social 12am or 4am) there was
little noticable impact on traffic.

As the activities were there to include ALL locals there would have been
little objection if any. Though any objections could have been easily
declared to the council before the event and prevent it.

This was not a sectarian commuinty dividing activity taking place 5
times a day at traffic peek or unsocial times, rather the opposite. It
was an ALL including neighbourhood led activity with The Neighbuorhood
Watch advising on crime prevention and Sutton Council in attendence to
collect ideas and opinions on how Worcester Park can be improved.
Activity supported by any law abiding local and by the police.

I thought the event drew more then the normal number of shoppers to the
high street. These are just the sort of busines boosting activities we
should see more of bringing locals together in Worcester Park, Well
done to all stall holders. The coffee tasted great and I believe the
cake stall sold out completely!

I would have thought Mr Aziz (the planning applicant for a mosque In WP)
or a reprisentative from the planners of the proposed mosque would have
attended or even had a stall to promote his plans and gain support from
locals in attendance. However there was not, even the Bank Chambers was
noticably and unusually deserted, unlike on other Saturdays. How

Guest with eyes said...

Groups are regularly meeting at the 'proposed' mosque? How curious.

Maybe it's just a team that meets to check the meter, five times a day?

guest with neigbours said...

I am afraid this seems to be true. A nearby resident told me that the anti vehicle posts that now surround the front area of the Bank Chambers were installed by the council as many visitors to the premisis had been illegally parking on the pavement outside with adverse danger to pedestrians. How considerate!

Sean said...

Don't forget traders - no selling pork and only Halal meat

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