Saturday, 2 June 2012

Car Crashes Into Shopfront

A driver escaped serious injury on Thursday night when a car veered off Cheam Common Road and crashed into a shopfront.

The incident occurred at the junction with Lindsay Road and Cheam Common Road just after 6.30pm. A street sign bore the brunt of the impact, but the vacant shop unit (next door to The Vin Bin wine shop) suffered extensive damage in the collision.

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Michael said...

Is that the second time in a year that a vehicle has 'gone out of control' on that slow corner and gone into that empty shop in exactly the same place. Seems a little suspect to me. I thought the speed of traffic through WP has was around walking pace, though the damage in that pic seems to imply a pretty fast impact.

K_neale said...

I was sitting in the queue of traffic by Sainsburys when this happened. The car caught my eye as it was going ridiculously fast up towards the brow of the hill and appeared to be indicating left then right. I realised later (because it was split second movement) that the hazard lights were actually on. The car was driving more than erratically and took a ridiculously wide line as it hit the bollard and then ploughed into the conservatory. The woman driving it didn't look in control whatsoever, but the fact it was going so fast and the hazard lights were on is interesting.

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