Thursday, 24 May 2012

Parents Warned After Abduction Attempts

Parents in Worcester Park are being urged to be vigilant following a suspicious incident outside a local primary school on Monday afternoon. The incident is being linked to two others in the local area, one of which involved an attempted abduction of a child. 

Police officers and police community support officers have been placed outside every primary and secondary school in the area today, during the morning and afternoon, to provide a visible presence and address any community concerns. 

The first reported incident happened in the grounds of a primary school in Surbiton on Thursday 17 May when it is alleged that a man and a woman approached a girl who was getting some water from a fountain. The child felt scared so ran off and informed a teacher. Staff subsequently alerted police.

The second reported incident took place within the grounds of a different primary school in Surbiton. At 09:10hrs on Monday 21 May, a man believed to be in his mid 20's approached the child and grabbed hold of him.

The boy struggled and was able to break free and alert staff. The man, who left the scene, is described as white, with a tan, wearing a black jumper with a blue shirt underneath, blue trousers and a black woolly hat.

It is believed he was accompanied by a woman who is described as white, with long black hair, of slim build, approximately 5' 6", wearing a red hooded top and red trousers. 

At this time both of these incidents are being linked.

The third reported incident happened in a primary school in Worcester Park at approximately 3:15pm on Monday 21 May. A man was seen on a push bike weaving in and out of cars parked in the public car park at the front of the school. The person who reported the incident shouted at the man and he rode away. This suspect is described as a white man in his early 20s wearing a woolly hat.

This incident is being investigated by the same team and a link to the first two incidents has not been ruled out at this time.

A policing plan has been put in place and extra patrols have been arranged which will continue throughout half term. House to house enquiries are being completed around the three affected schools; CCTV footage is being analysed from the schools and the wider area.

If anyone has any information relating to either of the above incidents, please contact the incident room on 07917 271 552 or call Kingston police via 101 quoting Operation Orchid.

Alternatively if you wish to remain anonymous please call Crimestoppers on 0800 555 111.

A spokesperson for the Metropolitan Police told the Worcester Park Blog: 

" Officers in Sutton are working closely with our colleagues at Kingston who are conducting vigorous enquiries into three reports of incidents near schools - one of them in Worcester Park.

We treat all such reports extremely seriously and have arranged extra patrols and an increased police presence outside local schools. We would urge parents and members of the public that if they see anyone acting suspiciously, they should call police immediately on 999."

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worriedlocalmum said...

Today Thursday 24th May my son (11yrs old )was playing in Dorchester park next to Dorchester primary school ( where he is a pupil) with his friends ( all aged 11yrs) and they noticed a lady sitting in the park watching the children,she did not have any kids in the park. Outside the park was a man in a white van also staring at the children playing. The man and woman were making eye contact at each other and head movements to each other.
The kids noticed there strange behaviour and ran away but the man followed them to one of the boys houses. 
The police have been contacted. 
I urge you not to let your kids play out without a parent watching.

Catherinebrown1305 said...

It makes you felll sick doesnt it.  I heard about it on the local news on bbc last night and was amazed when it was reprted it was so close and then they said worcester park!!!! 

but then there was no more reports at all if i hadnt seen that then i would not have known so i have to say thank you for posting your info on this site,  and warning others.

I hope your son is ok and isnt too worried by all this and these so called people are caught soon.

togg said...

Goodness, what with a recent spate of burglaries, car thefts and now attempted Child abduction, it seems like the usual low crime area of Worcester Park is being challenged! Its such a great place, I hate these people who try to destroy it....

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