Monday, 28 May 2012

Community Clean Up

Local residents in Worcester Park and North Cheam were out in force over the weekend cleaning up the local area ahead of the forthcoming Jubilee celebrations.

The Worcester Park Station Volunteers met to tidy up and plant out the sloping garden by the steps to the London-bound platform.

Separately, CHAPRA (Church Hill, Senhouse, Abbotts and Priory Residents' Association) members were out cleaning up the area around the derelict Queen Victoria building.

The grassed areas were raked over after the Council’s earlier strimming, weeds were removed from the paved areas, and the grass beds were mown back to a tidy condition. Pigeon mess was removed from the paved area alongside the Queen Vic building and the pavement suitably disinfected.

The volunteers will be adding Jubilee decorations to Worcester Park Station and the North Cheam area in time for the Queen’s Jubilee celebrations.

Worcester Park:

North Cheam: