Thursday, 26 April 2012

Police Tipped Off

The Metropolitan Police service is investigating after hundreds of its own leaflets were found fly-tipped in woodland in Worcester Park.

The newsletters from the Metropolitan Police's Worcester Park Safer Neighbourhoods Team should have been distributed to homes and businesses across the local area but instead were dumped in undergrowth near Worcester Park Station.

Two carrier bags containing around 700 copies of the Spring 2012 newsletter were discovered on Saturday afternoon in woods bordering on the Worcester Park Athetic Club's grounds.

A spokesperson for the Metropolitan Police told the Worcester Park Blog that the distribution of the leaflets falls under the remit of New Scotland Yard which commissions a company to deliver them, and confirmed that appropriate action would be taken.

The leaflets,which are in pristine condition, have been recovered by the Worcester Park Blog and will be returned to the Metropolitan Police for re-use.

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Isleaskye said...

When these need to be posted thru the letterboxes dont let the NSPCC distributor do it. I have just delivered leaflets up my road and followed the fellow delivering the charity collection bags, about 4 out 5 had the bags poking thru the letterboxes telling all would be housebreakers that the house is empty. I tried to tell him that he must push thru the box but he could not understand english. 

localyokal said...

 If you're going to dump a bunch of leaflets because you can't be arsed, don't a) do it in the local area b) do a better job of dumping them.

Lavsos said...

If you are not going to do your job properly please ensure that the person who you are doing the job for is not an expert, with large resources, in finding people!


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