Saturday, 21 April 2012

Dog Track

A Worcester Park dog lover is keen for news on the fate of a dog she spotted running up and down the tracks of Worceseter Park station this morning. She writes: 

"The dog looked like a labrador retriever, and was quite bedraggled, so may have been lost for a while. If this is anybodys dog, who is looking for it, or it has been returned to them please let me know! I did notify the police and would love to know that it got home safe."

If you have news of the dog, do let us know!

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Terry Lee Jr said...

I saw a dog of the same breed walk all the way up the track in front of a train(whilst i was on it for some part) from stonleigh up to motspur. He seemed like he knew where he was going tho lol this was months ago though.

eurognome said...

I have it on good authority from a contact on the railway that the dog ended up at Wimbledon Park Traincare Depot safe, if somewhat tired and thirsty, was caught, checked for microchip and re united with it's owner. Happy ending

maia dobson said...

You have a very kind heart to animals! Now that dog deserves to have a relaxing dog grooming in Long Island

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