Thursday, 22 March 2012

Worcester Park Station Volunteers

The Worcester Park Station Volunteers will be coming out of their winter hibernation and getting back to work this Sunday morning.

They will be planting out and generally tidying up the area around Worcester Park Station to improve the environment for the benefit of all residents and visitors to Worcester Park.

Please come along and join them at 9am on Sunday 25th March - they are purchasing plants in advance and will be planting them on the day.

All helpers will be warmly welcomed - for more information visit the volunteers' Facebook page.

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locallass said...

great stuff, sorry I can't help out myself. By 'looking after' our town like this it does feel more like a community. 

anonymouse said...

Good timing- introducing local “choice and competition” into the voluntary public realm upgrade market! It’s actually great to have a local group who just genuinely want to improve the area for the benefit of the whole community without divisively trying to associate a public space with the idea of “god’s love”.  
I’m afraid I can’t join you this weekend, but I’m a keen gardener and would be happy to help at any future events if you post them here. Thank  you for all that you do.

WP Resident said...

The Station surroundings always look better thanks to the Worcester Park Station Volunteers. Hopefully by the end of the year, the Station itself should be better too as the platforms are due to be extended to accommodate longer trains. Some relief for those of us who have a daily commute in Central London and back.

Network Rail has submitted details to Kingston Council:

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