Wednesday, 28 March 2012


Some of the Worcester Park Station Volunteers:
(L to R) William, Stephen Payne, Nick Baum, Maria Mar and Simon Densley

If you have visited or been past Worcester Park station this week then hopefully you will have noticed the hard work done by the Worcester Park Station Volunteers on Sunday.

Led by Nick Baum, the volunteers gave up their Sunday morning to weed and plant new plants in the sloping garden next to the steps at Worcester Park station.

The plants were bought with donations from several organizations including Waitrose, Kingston Council and South West Trains.

Nick Baum, who has been running the volunteer group since September 2009 said he is very pleased with the progress they have made since they first started.

“The area was a rubbish strewn eyesore before we began this work, and look at it now! We will continue to look after the area and are planning our next session in late April or early May. We are always looking for more people to come and help us!”

Perhaps next time around the good people of Worcester Park could lend more of a hand to these hardy volunteers?

There is no shortage of people willing to spend time giving their opinions on their local area via the blog. Can I tempt a few more of you from behind your keyboards to join in and help next time around?