Saturday, 10 March 2012

RING At Door (Bell Fixed)

Scenes of widespread joy and jubilation on the streets of Worcester Park have greeted the news that Prospects Recruitment on Central Road have finally fixed their doorbell.

Locals have been instructed to 'KNOCK on door (bell broken) for more than seven years, with most giving up hope of ever seeing it fixed in their lifetime.

Local Liberal Democrats were quick so seize on this epic moment. A spokesman told the Worcester Park Blog:

"A Liberal Democrat Councillor was elected in Worcester Park Ward and just weeks later this doorbell is fixed. That cannot be a coincidence."

Some blog readers however have been swift in their condemnation of the new doorbell: "How dare somebody do something good and fix something that has been broken." ranted one reader. "It really does make me question their motives. Once again, doorbells within a mile of The Hamptons are getting preferential treatment.". 

Another blog reader complained: "I wouldn't mind betting that those bloody Scouts are behind this. They're always doing things to improve the area and help people. Now the Worcester Park Baptist Church are getting in on the act. This has to stop. It really does make me question their motives."

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Raymondbunce said...

I doubt if the newly elected Lib Dem Councillor was responsible. His favourite excuse is 'if we could find a solution and bottle it we could sell it and make a fortune'. Perhaps he should try 'where there's a will there's a way.

Axlrocky said...


Rick said...

Similarly, since we had to pick up the tab for the replacement Lib Dem councillor’s election, (or more accurately, recycle the previously sacked councillor from the adjacent ward), I hope everyone has noticed that our weather has rapidly improved and average temperatures continue to climb.
I’m sure BenjyP will forgive me for stealing his thunder in being the first to congratulate and obediently thank Councillor Roberts for so rapidly and successfully bringing springtime to Worcester Park. Had any other party’s candidate been successful, undoubtedly we would still be enduring the depths of winter.

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