Thursday, 1 March 2012

Bite Back

Police are appealing for help identifying any of the individuals in these images after a 62 year old man was bitten on the back of the leg by a Staffordshire type dog in Central Road on Saturday 18th February at 14.20 hrs.

The victim was walking up from Worcester Park train station to meet his wife for a coffee after attending a volunteer meeting for the Olympic Games in London.

As he passed HSBC bank he was bitten through his jeans by the dog which was on a lead at the time. The victim was taken by his wife to St Helier Hospital where he received six stitches.

The individuals in these images may not be connected with the offence and may be innocent.

If you can identify any of individuals in these CCTV images (from the junction of Central Road and Green Lane) please contact PC Luke Lazell at Worcester Park Safer Neighbourhoods Team on 020 8649 3590. Alternatively, you can contact Crimestoppers anonymously on 0800 555 111.

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Guest said...

Feel sorry for the man who was bitten but wondered if this camera was ever angled more towards the box junction to catch the numerous cars that stop on the junction thus not allowing cars out from Pembury Avenue and other roads onto Central road. By my reckoning at £60 a fine they could make a mint every rush hour

Josie Bulloch said...

I would look no further than the Hamptons.  It seems everytime I walk through there a staffy type seems to be off the lead completly out of control.  What's happened to society in that humans can no longer walk through green spaces without fear of being bothereed and even attacked by these beasts!!!!

Kristy said...

ban all dogs from worcester park. they are stupid animals and so are their owners. cats rule.

Butch said...

As one of the most responsible dog owners in KT4, I’d like to make the obvious point that it’s clearly the victim’s fault, for not keeping their leg under control.
And I notice that nobody even gives a thought to the potential wear and tear to the dog’s teeth, that this incident may have caused.
Events like this wouldn’t happen, if the public kept off the streets and stopped trespassing on dog walkers’ territory.  

Huey said...

One of my friends was recently chased by a loose dog in the Hogsmill open space, fortunately he managed to outrun it.  Severe penalties should be in place for owners who do not control, and fail to properly train, their dogs.

Bring back dog licenses!

Bkjason said...

Walking home from the station tonight, I saw another black staffy type dog off the lead and well away from its owner who was  sitting at the top of Green Lane, drinking a can of White Lightning. I heard the man say to his drinking companion that he lived on The Hamptons. Nuff said! 

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