Friday, 17 February 2012

Worcester Park By-election: Liberal Democrats HOLD

The Liberal Democrats have held their seat in the Worcester Park Ward by-election, with a victory for their candidate Roger Roberts.

The by-election was triggered by the resignation of Liberal Democrat Councillor Jennifer Campbell-Klomps.

Mr Roberts joins fellow Lib Dem Councillor Stephen Fenwick and the Conservative's Stuart Gordon-Bullock as Councillors for the ward.

There are now 43 Liberal Democrat members on the council and 11 Conservative members.

Turnout was just 33.48%. The results in full:

Roger Roberts - Liberal Democrats:  1367
Simon Densley  - Conservative Party:  977
Hilary Hosking - Labour Party:  315
David Pickles - UK Independence Party: 190  
George Dow - Green Party:  46

And in comparison to the 2010 election for the Ward:

2010 Election 44.80% 41.89% 10.03% 3.28% n/a
2012 By-Election 47.22% 33.75% 10.88% 6.56% 1.59%

Defeated Labour candidate Hilary Hosking said:

"I am pleased we increased our share of the vote. Whilst we were not successful in this election, it was good that Ken Livingstone was able to visit the area and we did meet a large number of people who voted Liberal Democrat in the by-election who said they will be voting for Ken in the London Mayoral Election in May

Can I also congratulate the Worcester Park blog on its detailed coverage of the campaign. We need more news outlets like this across the Borough of Sutton."

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Paul Scully said...

Oh well, back to Carshalton for me! Look forward to seeing the revitalised North Cheam and Worcester Park in 24 months then.

Fbsmitten said...

Oh well, back to monies being wasted and nothing being done to help ANYONE other than the council and Sutton high street !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Paul said...

How bad do the Liberals have to be to stop people in our locality voting for them?

Jeff said...

Good old Ken may have given us Oldies free bus and train passes but let's remember if he has his way he,ll turn the whole of the London area within the M25 into a congestion charging zone and he's already reserved access to central London by car for well-heeled people only. As the Arapaho Indians of North America say 'Never trust a man who strokes lizards'.

Andrew said...

So obviously dirty tricks campaigning works.  I didn't think anyone would be silly enough to fall for it, but 1367 people did.

Concerned_parent said...

Cannot believe the liberals have held their seat. They have done absolutely nothing for WP yet people still vote for them!!

Danh said...

Ah, there's that 24 again... thought that was an excellent stroke of genius, wasted on the voters who quite clearly like waste and more waste....  well they are going to get bucket-loads of that as the heavy traffic increases thru WP, courtesy of the LibDems, as lorries carry their waste through the streets of the ward on their way to the refuse centre in Beddington.

Good job Voters, you've put another nutter back in the box of frogs

Mcillroy said...

Well we get what we deserve. More Liberal mismanagement to look forward to so if you dont turn out to vote this is what you get.

Left of Worcester Park said...

Er Jeff, you  may not have noticed but at £10 the congestion charge is not much different from the cost of a day travel card from Worcester Park these days, so it’s not like driving to central London is any more unaffordable than the public transport option  (and cheaper if there’s two or more of you in the car). Unless you’re under 16 or over 60 of course- then public transport is free for you courtesy of the rest of us!  And I think many people would agree that the reduction in cars in central London brought about by the cc has made the city environment much more pleasant for everyone.
In fact, it’s Boris’s removal of the Western Extension that was designed precisely to help his "well-heeled" voters, as they all squealed at the prospect of having to pay the fee to drive to Harrods food court to spend many times that on a few pots of caviar! The income from the extension should have been used to keep public transport fares down for the rest of us but Boris had to put them up to afford the removal.  Major fail by Boris but we’re all in this together eh?

Jeff said...

Left - You seem to contradict yourself - first you argue that the £10 congestion charge is 'not much different from the cost of a day travel card (and cheaper if there's two or more of you in the car)' and then you claim the congestion charge has brought about a reduction in cars in central London. If paying the congestion charge is cheaper than public transport why are their now fewer cars in the area?

Your second para about 'well-healed' voters 'squealing' at the prospect of paying a fee to drive to Harrods to buy a few pots of caviar displays class-warfare language we all thought had died with the collapse of Soviet Russia.

Left of WP said...

Jeff, my point was that I disagree with you that the congestion charge makes access to London by car completely unaffordable, at least compared to the alternatives. Perhaps, as you indicate, you are of the age that you get free travel and don’t realise how much public transport costs have recently risen in comparison? But if the congestion charge wasn’t in place then driving into London could well be the cheaper option (ok parking and petrol also a factor) and that wouldn’t be desirable in terms of congestion. The congestion charge at least acts to make the cost more comparable so people can choose how to travel based on speed/ convenience etc rather than on cost. Personally, costs being similar I would never consider driving into central London as train is so much easier.  The CC also usefully raises revenue which can be spent on transport which brings me onto the other point you raised.......
I’m sorry if you object to the language used, yet the fact remains that Boris implemented a policy to remove part of the CC zone that benefitted a small number of Londoners, but which left a massive hole in the projected transport budget that had to be made up through fare increases across the rest of London- FACT.  Ok maybe it was unfair of me to mention that the area concerned was primarily made up of rich Conservative voters and imply that there was some link........

Paul Scully said...

LoWP That wouldn't be the same hole in the transport budget that Ken Livingstone is claiming is in surplus would it?

One of the 1367 said...

Bit late, but reading these comments you've just got to love it. The Lib Dems must be doing something right!

Dirty tricks campaigning - coming from the Tories - Unbelievable. Densley claimed to be a local school governer, but was so new to the game he hadn't even been to a meeting!

God, dirty campaigning, how easy it would have been. The Lib Dems were fighting a campaign against someone who google instantly tells you covered his house in tin foil for some crackpot reason. How they resisted using that one I don't know.

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