Sunday, 12 February 2012

Virgin Death

Blog reader CoffeeMan has contacted the blog (via carrier pigeon) about ongoing service outages he has been experiencing with Virgin Media since Thursday:

"Since early on Thursday 9th February Virgin Media broadband, telephone and television services have been down completely for long periods of time or only very limited services have been provided since.

According to their fault messages this has covered post codes  CR,SM,KT and TW so a very large area. It must be a major breakdown but no information on when services will be fully implemented or so far apology for loss of service.
I finally got through on the phone during a period of 'working phone' and after explaining the problems got a refund but nothing on when services will be resumed.

Strange thing is this has hot been reported in the press ,I would have thought many people would have been jumping up and down over this."

Virgin Media services are all working normally here at blog HQ (thank goodness as life would be unbearable if Mrs WP didn't have access to a continuous loop of  'Come Dine With Me' repeats and top quality documentaries like 'America's Dumbest Plumbers' and 'When Cupboards Attack').

If you have been affected by the Virgin Media service outages then do let us know.  

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Burnellanne said...

We have been out since Wed in Highdown, If and when it comes back lucky if we get 4hrs then off again. Got internet and phone at mo. I think the problem is in Avondale they seem to have the pavement up and vans there at the box. Going to contact them if we still go phone on Monday to get refund. Hope everyone gets back to normal soon.

Stuart Witts said...

Our home phone appears to have been down for over a week now (we don't get that many calls) and after trying to book an engineer appointment online I was told to phone instead.

Deni said...

We have had very intermittent service - we were told on Thursday that the power line to the box had been dug through by roadworkers so they had to restore power - they were going to put a generator in as a short term solution. We had no service all day Thursday till Friday lunchtime. Then it went off Friday night till Saturday afternoon, and then last night for a while. I can only assume they are turning it off at night to try and repair the damage that was caused to get around the short term fix that they have used, but nobody knows anything when I ring and their service status says all services are normal. Trying to run a business from home is near impossible with no phones or internet and we are in a 3g blackspot. All ok for now, but who knows for how long - they have been great up to now so it's a real shame. It is working now so hope that it is sorted.

Axlrocky said...

no issues in the avenue 

Carrier Pigeon? said...

We have also had the same problems since early a.m. on Thursday where we had no services until past lunchtime Friday and then since then it has been intermittent.  During one of the times we had the internet I emailed Virgin who rang me this morning (fortunately during a phone working time!) to offer a rebate but no real explanation as to what was causing the problems.  Apparently no faults were showing on their system, well they wouldn't would they if they were speaking to me on the phone!  We had another break in service tonight around teatime so obviously the problem has yet to be totally resolved.

eurognome said...

I spent hours yesterday trying to look at various sites (all clean I hasten to add!) and gave up in utter frustration with the amount of time it took to connect to anything. My husband says it maybe Virgin have changed the frequency and we need a new modem.
Has anyone out there in WPk land any other ideas please?

Worcester Park Blogger said...

Are you using wireless? The same happened to me recently - it turned out the next door neighbours had just had a wireless modem installed and it was interfering with ours. Virgin told me how to change the frequency of my wireless modem and that solved the problem instantly.

DT said...

Technically it is called a channel though each channel does have a frequency allotted to it.  Most modern routers and wireless portals (extenders) these days will auto select the channel with the least interference.  Also note that portable landline phones (DECT) and television signal sending systems all work in the same frequency range.  But there are international discussions to move to a new frequency range that will alllow more channels and penetrate brickwork better.

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