Sunday, 12 February 2012

Virgin Death

Blog reader CoffeeMan has contacted the blog (via carrier pigeon) about ongoing service outages he has been experiencing with Virgin Media since Thursday:

"Since early on Thursday 9th February Virgin Media broadband, telephone and television services have been down completely for long periods of time or only very limited services have been provided since.

According to their fault messages this has covered post codes  CR,SM,KT and TW so a very large area. It must be a major breakdown but no information on when services will be fully implemented or so far apology for loss of service.
I finally got through on the phone during a period of 'working phone' and after explaining the problems got a refund but nothing on when services will be resumed.

Strange thing is this has hot been reported in the press ,I would have thought many people would have been jumping up and down over this."

Virgin Media services are all working normally here at blog HQ (thank goodness as life would be unbearable if Mrs WP didn't have access to a continuous loop of  'Come Dine With Me' repeats and top quality documentaries like 'America's Dumbest Plumbers' and 'When Cupboards Attack').

If you have been affected by the Virgin Media service outages then do let us know.