Saturday, 25 February 2012

Time To Remember?

Staff at Green Lane School in Worcester Park are appealing for help locating a time capsule which is believed to have been buried at the school 60 years ago.

The school has been approached by BBC Surrey and Sussex on behalf of one of  their ex-pupils who is now in her sixties but is unfortunately terminally ill.

The former pupil has compiled a 'Bucket List' which includes finding the 'Time Capsule' which she says was buried in 1952 to commemorate the Queen's accession to the throne.

Unfortunately nobody currently at the school has any knowledge of where the time capsule was buried and they no longer have any records from that era.

The BBC, who are broadcasting her progress with her list, have arranged for a metal detecting expert to come on board but the school is appealing for any former pupils who have any recollections of the time capsule to get in touch.

If you have any information that might help in the search for the capsule, contact Jo Davey at Green Lane School.

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sexTrex said...

I was a pupil at Green Lane in the 80s when Blue Peter was involving schools with burying time capsules.  My recollection is not great, I think I was in the infants (Mrs. Owl's class) at the time.   I vaguely recall an earlier time capsule, if it was simply mentioned or unearthed I dont recall. But I'm seeing a comb and chocolate bars in my mind's eye for some reason.  We could very well have unearthed it back then.  
The stand of crab-apple trees opposite the hall, near the long jump pit (If they're still there) is screaming out at me but I am far from sure.   It's where I'd start if I had a metal detector.

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