Saturday, 25 February 2012

Local Kids Clean Up

Back (from left): PCSO Gary Weaving, Sgt Suzannah James, and Bola Odulate, Thames Valley Neighbourhoods Officer with some of the young volunteers

The Hamptons is looking greener and cleaner thanks to the efforts of a group of local youngsters who gave up their time for 90-minute litter pick of the area.

Litter removed from the streets, estate borders and open spaces included discarded wrappers, drinks bottles, bits of broken toys – and even a hammer!

Sgt Suzannah James of Worcester Park Safer Neighbourhoods Team, who organised the event with Thames Valley Housing said “The children really got on with the job and enjoyed themselves - and it was a great chance for us to get to know them,”.

Eleanor Morgan, Resident Involvement Officer, at Thames Valley Housing (which runs social housing on the development) said that the “the kids’ hard work was rewarded with a goody bag each.”. 

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GingerCat said...

Typical, The Hamptons residents getting special treatment....again.

Huey said...

Hey Ginger, I'm sure you can clean up your patch any time...

jellybean said...

How's that getting special treatment? It's a public space and the public did a bit of litter clearing. Not sure I see why you felt the need to make that comment.

GingerCat said...

Public space? Yeah right, private security patrolled public space that is in fact private land.

Charlton said...

It's not special treatment, in fact it's fairly common practice for Safer Neighbourhood Teams help organise litter-picks, in all sorts of places.  I've often read about this sort of thing in parks and areas where kids would play.

Gordo's neighbour said...

Well done to all the youngsters involved, the WP Safer Neighbourhoods Team and TVHA for the little project.

Gingercat - you are right that Mayflower Park is privately owned and maintained land that has been opened up as public space.  It is therefore nice when the public do something nice in return.  Kinda like if I was invited to use a friend's garden and I decided I'd help clean up the garden occasionally.  I would hope that events like this would impart a modicum of civic pride and respect in the people involved - values all to important and critically lacking in our society today.

GingerCat said...

What on earth is that supposed to mean?

sexTrex said...

GingerCat mews "Public space? Yeah right, private security patrolled public space that is in fact private land"

I've been a Worcester Parker for life, I regularly walk my dog around the Hamptons and it's as public a space as any other in Worcester Park within a few easily obeyed, common sense rules.  The residents are mostly nice and cheerful as are the few security I've encountered.  It's pleasant over there and despite the increased traffic I've not noticed any negative side effects of the estate being here (I might rethink that in the summer when we're rationed water as we're currently enjoying a drought).  
Heck it's a lot more public than the old sewage treatment works, smells nicer in the sunshine too. Classic Parkers need to get off their high horses over the Hamptons.  You reap what you sew. 
GingerCat mews "Hamptons residents getting special treatment again".  If they're prepared to clean up their doorstep who are you to complain.  How do you know they weren't Hamptons kids doing the clearing up?  If they weren't Hamptons kids, then, well, I can't think of a safer place for a 90 minute stroll with a load of hyperactive, wrapper chasing little herberts. 
 Gingercat mews "What on earth is that supposed to mean?"  I think the previous post was self explainatory..... and boy do you look like a muppet when you get bitchy over an entire estate and suddenly get defensive when someone has a little dig at you.    lol

Huey said...

It means, in response to your comment "Typical, The Hamptons residents getting special treatment....again." that you really shouldn't need to wait, yourself, for some PCSOs to come round and help - you can pick up litter from around your area on your own volition.  You can also feel rightly proud, that you didn't need any public-funded help either.

Not quite sure why you had difficultly comprehending that, but hopefully it's all clear now.

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