Wednesday, 15 February 2012

A Local Election For Local People?

Tomorrow's Worcester Park Ward By-election has been one of the hardest fought in many years, with the Conservative Party drafting in their party Chairman, Labour wheeling out Ken Livingstone to boost the campaign and Deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg dropping in to Worcester Park (albeit unseen) to rally the local Lib Dem troops.

All over the fight for a single seat on the Council.

Much has been made of where each of the  prospective candidates live - with Labour trumpeting that theirs is the only candidate who actually lives in the ward, and the Liberal Democrats deriding their Conservative rival for living in Morden.

So how local are the candidates in this local election?

Below is where each candidate lives, the distance from the Green Lane polling station  and (because nobody would be foolish enough to try and drive to Worcester Park) the walking time from their home address to said polling station:

Hilary Hosking, Labour Party: Longfellow Road, Worcester Park (0.4 miles, 8 minutes)
Roger Roberts, Liberal Democrats:  Oaks Avenue, Worcester Park (1.2 miles, 23 minutes)
Simon Densley, Conservative Party: Love Lane, Morden (2.3 miles, 46 minutes)
David Pickles UK Independence Party: Kingswood Drive, Sutton (4 miles, 1hr 16 minutes)
George Dow, Green Party: London Road, Hackbridge (5 miles, 1hr 39 minutes)

Being local clearly matters to some of the candidates contesting this election - but does it matter to you, the voters?