Friday, 13 January 2012

Roofless Tactics

Beware of what would appear to be a roofing scam operating in the Worcester Park area. Blog reader Glen explains: 

"The doorbell rang and a man wearing a sweatshirt with a logo on it asked if he could rest his ladder in our front path tomorrow when he was repairing our neighbour's roof. 

We said this wasn't a problem. He then told us that we had 2 loose tiles and would we like him to replace them while he was up there. He wanted £40 to get the tiles. I told him I had no cash so he said he would come back tomorrow evening and sort out invoices then.

I then went and checked with my neighbour who has not booked any work so it is a complete scam.
We then saw them working their way down Colborne Way."

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Worried Colborne Way Resident said...

Has this been reported to the police? Vulnerable people could be pressured into handing over money or be robbed if these criminals gain access to peoples property.

Anonymous said...

There has been a guy (working alone)in the Old Malden area recently.He didnt even use a roof ladder or have one on his van.
Who says he has been doing a neighbour's roof and notices that several tiles were loose and there was lots of moss on the tiles.and the 'neighbour' suggest's he comes and has a word.This guy was charging a lot more than £40 so beware !!!!!!!

Robert said...

You need to ask politely ask the Tradesman, if you could take his/her photo on your phone, since my memory is so poor. If he gets all agresssive, just tell him to get lost.

concerned resident said...

It is really great that info like this is put on this website but please include info about the police and their reaction to calls passed on to them so we can feel safe that it is being dealt with.

Anonymous said...

we had that in Ebbisham Road about 2 weeks ago, luckily for us my teenage son answered the door and was so vacant and clueless the guy just left... same story, said we had 2 loose tiles and wanted £40

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