Sunday, 29 January 2012

Off Her Trolley

A customer in Waitrose waits in the 'baskets only' queue with a shopping trolley (containing only a few items). There is a baby in the trolley seat:

Waitrose Partner: This is for baskets only, I'm afraid.

Customer: Yes, I know. I'm only buying a few items but I can't use a basket because I've got my little girl with me. I can't carry both - she needs to go in the seat.

Waitrose Partner: I appreciate that, but this is for baskets only.

Customer: So, what do you suggest I do, put the baby in the basket as well??

Waitrose Partner: [Blank look] Erm...

Customer: I tell you what, how about I put these items in the basket and then put the basket in the trolley, would that be OK?

Waitrose Partner: [panicked look] Erm, yes...

The customer picks up an empty basket, puts her shopping items into the basket, puts the basket in the trolley, approaches the checkout and is duly served.