Sunday, 4 December 2011

Pilates In Worcester Park

For those into a bit of early planning of their New Year fitness resolutions, a Beginner Pilates Course at the St Philip Hall at Christ Church with St Philip in Worcester Park (Ruskin Drive, KT4 8LG) has been confirmed as starting on Saturday 28th January.

Those who book their place before 15th December will get a free pilates mat.  At the moment, there are no weekend Pilates classes in Worcester Park - the class numbers will be  limited to 12 places as Pilates works better in small groups. There are 7 confirmed bookings so far, so to reserve your place or for more information visit 

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jenny hawke said...

Just to let you know that I have been teaching Pilates in the Worcester Park area for the last twelve years and currently run classes in North Cheam, Worcester Park and Chessington. To find out more go on my website, As a physio and a Body Control pilates teacher I specialise in helping people recover from back pain.

Jane Smith12 said...

Pilates workout is one of the best exercises to perform before and after pregnancy. It helps make the muscles flexible and sturdy.

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Julius Pilates said...

Pilates   a mind-body exercise that will help become more aware of how the body moves and will refresh your body and mentally to reduce stress. Pilates will additionally improve your posture. Like a total body workout, Pilates   can correct over-trained muscles and stop injury while helping a person develop improved core strength and increased flexibility and flexibility.

Pilates Exercises said...

Is this program available this year? if yes please let me know. 

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