Friday, 9 December 2011

Crafty Ideas

There's an 'Arts & Crafts Fair' at The Hamptons tomorrow (Saturday 10th December) from 1pm to 4pm in Maple Lodge (near the main entrance road off Green Lane).

There will be a great collection of items created and designed by the crafty people of Worcester Park and wine tasting courtesy of The VinBin. 

Afterward, The VinBin invites you to join them for complementary mulled wine and mince pies at their shop (opposite North End Tavern) to celebrate Christmas, the shop's one year anniversary and the launch of their brand new website which allows you to order your favourite wines online, find food matches and select the perfect wines for Christmas.
All our welcome (including children). Mulled wine and snacks are complimentary with other selected wines available to purchase by the glass from just £2.50.

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Mr M said...

Is this blog sponsered by vin Bin?

Anonymous said...

Presumably the 'M' in 'Mr. M' stands for Miserable?

Sutton CC said...

Christmas in Worcester Park will be cancelled. We will not put up trees or be seen to celebrate the birth of Christ out of respect for our Muslim residents and upcoming mosque community. Anybody visibly celebrating Christmas will receive a fixed penalty notice and possibly a criminal record.

'It's PC gone mad' said...

Absolutely right....and can I ask why the police keep covering up the blatant terrorist attacks which keep occurring at the junction of Lindsay and Central roads.

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