Wednesday, 2 November 2011

Sheesh, You're Brave!

As speculated on this blog back in August, the former 'Avventura' restaurant premises are to be turned into a Turkish restaurant - to be named 'Sheesh Mangal'.

Of course I'm delighted to see that these cavernous empty premises are to be filled so quickly, and it will make a welcome change from the traditional fare of Italian restaurants and curry houses.

However, my fears about these premises remain. In my unfortunately prophetic post of June 2010 I wrote:
"No doubt the people behing 'Avventura' are full of optimism and hope that good food and good service will set see them through, but will they too soon be forced to face the reality that the place is simply far too big to be viable in anything other than rosy economic conditions?

Perhaps Avventura will succeed where Piccolo failed. Perhaps they have found the formula that eluded their predecessors. Or perhaps they too will soon be learning the hard way that size really does matter. Either way, I wish them luck."
I look forward seeing this new venture succeed where its predecessors have failed. And I look forward even more to some Turkish food!