Wednesday, 2 November 2011

Seeing Red

Last month I gave you my views on Sutton Council's loathsome traffic enforcement CCTV Smart cars and how unfair I felt their tactics to be.

Now comes evidence from a Worcester Park  Blog reader of how these cars openly break parking laws themselves whilst going about their sneaky business.

This photo clearly shows the enforcement stopping illegally on a 'red route' on Malden Road in North Cheam, heading towards Worcester Park. Stopping is strictly forbidden on a red route (even for loading/unloading or boarding/alighting from a vehicle) and, being a double red route, these restrictions apply at all times to this stretch of road.

This is not the first time that Sutton Council's spy cars have been caught breaking the law in order to enforce the law, as reported by the Sutton Guardian back in August.

I strongly suspect it won't be the last!

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Anonymous said...

George Orwell got it right all those years ago..

Anonymous said...

Is this a act of gross misconduct by the driver? l thought these cars were able to take pictures whilst on the move. Secondly are the council going to send the registered owner of the car an enquiry form to find out who was driving the car so as to issue the usual summons.

axlrocky said...

they wont because this liberal sham regime has no principals and therefore do not have any sense of social responsibility, they will ignore this in the same way they ignored their promise on tuition fees and lied about kingston hospital - the only thing you can do is not make the same mistakes at the next election

BenjyP said...

Axl dude, you will probably find a general sense of apathy towards politics is ultimatly the one least likely to leave you sour! Whoever you want in will only disappoint, balancing the books and pleasing everyone is impossible.

However this event looks like it happened in North Cheam to me and as such I find it amazing that anyone would actually need to stop to visit the post-apocalyptic wasteland that is NC.

Rick said...

A truly uninspiring comment, BenjyP. Written very much in the style of a do nothing, Lib Dem Councillor with a non-Midas touch.

I wonder, beyond the ‘grass is no greener on the other side’ deception routine, who do you judge chiefly responsible for our Lib Dem Council's law-breaking law enforcers?

And for the same Lib Dem Council's and our Lib Dem MP's long-term and ongoing failure in the wasteland that has become North Cheam?

Would it be the former Labour Govt? The Current Govt? [but notably, only the Tory element of it] A former Tory MP perhaps? Or the local voters who failed to vote Lib Dem?

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