Friday, 11 November 2011

Poppy Appeal Money Stolen

It is with great sadness that I must inform blog readers of the theft of a Poppy Appeal collection box from the Worcester Park branch of Superdrug. The collection box, filled with almost a fortnight's donations, was taken from the counter and found empty on Central Road this morning. Anybody with any information on this theft should contact the Metropolitan Police. I am not sure what more I can add by way of comment on this.

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Anonymous said...

Sickening and disgusting. I hope they catch the scum who did this.

Sad About Society said...

Only one other comment on this? How come Worcester Park is not expressing outrage???

Anonymous said...

Unfortunately its not the first time this has happened in Worcester Park and i am sure it won't be the last.
These days anything of value has to be 'nailed down'.Its a sad reflection of our society,whether its bronze plaques,copper cable,bikes/ornaments in gardens,someone out there, wants what is not theirs and doesnt want to work or pay for it.
You just have to refer to the 'alleged ' Burglary Charge reported here on the blog earlier in the week,and some of the comments about it not being reported and one oblique threat !!!!

Sue said...

I see that St Johns church in Old Malden has alo had its memorial desecrated. Fortunately, it was sorted in time for Rememberance Sunday, thanks to some good hearted people. (see Surrey Comet)

Anonymous said...

Unfortunately this is the real face of Worcester park!!!!
I moved here one year ago from Brixton (where I never had any problem of people stealing from my property) and just few weeks ago got my bike stolen from my garage....!!!!!!!!!
If you look at it from outside WP look like a really good place where to live but in reality it is nothing better than any other place!
I notice that the biggest interest for people from WP is to complain about which restaurant is going to open in the main road instead of concentrating on some of the major problem we have here...!!!!
Anyway what can I say...very unhappy with my experience in Worcester Park!

concearned the avenue said...

well said annoymous, i like the points you have raised.. indeed to much time is concentrated on these peoples bellys, and judging by the way they carry their paunch it must be a problem for them , and maybe their partners too, so we all have a cross to bear.. it makes out its all about community but the only thing they build up for is some pathetic late night christmas shopping,that only benefits the greedy pathetic owners of more than 1 shop, and i think wwe all know the food trade.. WAKE UP its becoming a sespit..i think move all the so called great shops down the hamptons or a strip of land over by the brook allowing the river to run thru it..theres nothing in worcester park, drinking establisments are a really is depressing...

BenjyP said...

Anonymous and Concearned the Avenue, I assume the spelling and prose is intentionally poor to highlight the decline in standards within Worcester park. Quit your moaning and do something proactive to help. The only reason things get stolen in WP is because there are things worth stealing unlike Brixton. I am "concearned" that you live on The Avenue and feel WP is becoming a cesspit, surely the Posh and well off Epsom and Ewell residents have thought it for years hence why they all pretend they live in Bistro-chic Stoneleigh. Stop your moaning about moaning (I am aware of the potential irony here) I think everyone should list reasons why WP is great, however subjective or objective.

WP is great because it’s not North Cheam. Worcester Park is great because it has awesome Greengrocers, Butchers, Pet Shop, Supermarket and weird 1960s fabric shop (Broadway bargains). WP is awesome because it has 1 hairdresser per 5 households. Worcester Park is great because it’s in zone 4 and is genuinely green and leafy.

I'm With Stupid said...

Anonymous (Ex brixton) - No one has said Worcester Park is the best place to live with zero crime and people concerned about other issues. Sorry you have had one bad experience but the whole town/area cannot be to blame for your misfortune. You say that WP is no better than any other place, but that would mean that nowhere is up to your standard.

Statistically, WP has a low crime rate, and of crimes that are committed here they are carried out by non-local residents. (crime statistics)

There are good and bad parts of every town and city the world over. Worcester Park doesn't profess to be any different or any better than the next town, but I think you'll find the majority of people that live here, like living here and are proud to do so. Don't like it? Do something about it! You can only help yourself, so why not get involved and do something positive?

Sadly 'concearned the avenue', I can't comment on your post, as I cannot understand it with all the spelling and grammatical errors. I do feel you have a bit of an axe to grind however so maybe you and Anonymous of Brixton can have a good old chinwag over a can or two if you don't like the pubs.


Anonymous said...

Yes, we need to concentrate on the positive - zone four, relatively cheap houses with gardens (as opposed to flats), a high road with the basics and regular buses.

Our pals at St James's Homes obviously thought the place had potential.

What are the solutions to the following?

1. Dog poo on the pavements
2. Parked cars everywhere. Many clearly never go very far (all the "classics" on Charminster Road for a start...)
3. Scruffy 30s semis

These points may seem petty but solving these problems would do wonders for the look of the town. Perhaps property developers could buy up the latter, demolish them and put two houses (with parking)in their place...

On a positive note, the new shop/bakery on Dorchester Road is clean, the food is good quality and it is reasonably priced (£1 sandwiches). Let's hope it does well.

Anonymous said...

We also need better access between streets. Now you have to walk all the way down Trafalgar Avenue to London Road in order to get to Garth Road.

I see the Hamptons are at it again... There is a footpath between the Hamptons and the Joseph Hood park, a shortcut for anyone who uses Motspur Park station or the playground. And a shortcut to Green Lane primary.

It appears it is now locked at night (iron gate). Next to it is a sign about guard dogs, a police presence and so on. Dear Hamptons, you have absolutely no right to make the public feel intimidated when they are using a right of way (there is an act relating to this). What next? You will be shot signs?

As an estate agent has pointed out on this blog, the Hamptons purchasers should have been fully aware that they would be living near a housing estate.

Jeff said...

For a street-by-street breakdown of crime in Worcester Park go to and type in your post code and then click on the map.

It appears that crime in WP is, surprisingly, above the national average with 158 offences in September. Mostly anti-social behaviour and violent crime. Thankfully no murders.

The biggest crime spot seems to be The Hamptons followed by Stoneleigh Avenue.

Worcester Parkers to the west of the railway line appear to be particularly well-behaved!

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