Wednesday, 30 November 2011

Going Warm Turkey

I have bemoaned on a number of occasions on this blog the lack of any decent full English in Worcester Park. The last purveyors of this fine meal was Berties cafe, which closed down and was transformed into the terrible La Continental which was more mess than mezze and was promptly rebranded as 'Henry's Cafe' whose luminous fonted signs are only marginally worse than the food they serve up.

Thankfully salvation seems to have come my way in the form of a cracking English breakfast from, of all places, our new Turkish 'Cafe Medusa' which opened last week in the old Avventura/Cafe Espresso premises.

At last we have, in KT4, somewhere that sells a decent full English breakfast, properly cooked with decent meat and served with a cup of decent coffee.

For those more adventurous there are Eggs benedict, Turkish dishes and a range of other great breakfast and lunch options that will set this venue apart from the existing cafes in Worcester Park.

Even better news is that their restaurant, Sheesh Mangal, is going to be opening shortly. I have had a sneak peak inside the venue which is on course to open its doors for business early next week.