Thursday, 24 November 2011

Christmas Late Night Tomorrow!

The weather forecast is looking good for tomorrow night, so we are all set to go. As well as the traders and funfair rides, a number of local charities from Worcester Park will be taking part in tomorrow's Christmas Late Night, so make sure you lend them your support. 

Also a Christmas Craft Fair is being held in the Library from 6pm - 8pm (as part of the Worcester Park Traders Late Christmas night) with a raffle, cakes for sale, Name the Bear, Lucky dip, Toy Tombola and Homemade crafts. They will be quite easy to miss tucked away in the Library, so don't forget to pay them a visit.

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Anonymous said...

Well, in my house, I know of at least 4 residents who have not received personalised, handwritten invitations to this event, so we're not able to attend!

And being as we will not be there, is it too early for us to bitterly complain about how little we enjoyed this event?

And while we're at it, I'd like to complain that the traffic lights don't respect me and fail to instantly turn to red, the moment my feet stop at the crossing.

People just don't seem to realise that the whole world revolves around me!

Meera Ruban said...

No matter what anyone says, I am a real true fan of worcester park late night. You wont believe how much it means to both me and my partner. It was 4 years ago in November when my the boyfriend rented out a room ontop of a shop on Central road. We came across the late night when we were laying in bed and heard cheering and laughter and music. We opened our window and saw the whole street in the christmas spirit!!! Oh how happy we were!! Now, this is the event I look forward to every year and it is the highlight of my evening tonight. Keep doing what your doing. I have not seen any other town as close and as tight knit as worcester park. I just looked out the window this morning and it looks windy and cold with lots of rain, will the event still go ahead?

p.s: Worcester park has a library???!!!! I never knew!!!

Anonymous said...

Have they ever considered holding this event at Christmas time, instead of in November..?

Rick said...

They probably have considered holding the event nearer Christmastime, but you know how it is, the critics would only complain that it is too close to Christmas and it ought to be held earlier, around late November!

We're certainly all looking forward to it. On 25th November, it's a great to start to Christmas and for all of KT4 to embrace the Spirit of Christmas ... with a few anonymous exceptions.

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