Monday, 21 November 2011

Christmas Late Night This Friday!

Only 4 sleeps to go until this year's Christmas Late Night in Worcester Park. As well as the rides, stalls, choirs and refreshments along Central Road and in Stone Place Car Park, a number of your favourite local retailers will be open that evening for some late night shopping.

Do pop in and make sure you support them - as well as playing a vital role in keeping Worcester Park's high street alive, they are also financially supporting this important local annual event, so make sure you reward them with your custom.

Shops supporting the Christmas Late Night 2011 include:

  • One Stop Party Shop
  • Mr Ink
  • Trutex
  • Waitrose
  • St Raphael's Hospice
  • Hendy's Jewellers
  • Clarkes
  • Worcester Park Motor Spares
  • Central Plumbing
  • AMS Opticians
  • Worcester Sparks
  • Kingfish
  • Dawsons Aerials

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Anonymous said...

Maybe if they actually spoke to more/all traders we could make the event even bigger. I know for a fact 4 independent retailers were not even approached.

Rick said...

Anonymous, it's a great shame that none of the allegedly unapproached traders had the time or the foresight or the common sense to speak to their neighbouring traders or at any of the above traders.

Alternatively, had they been so very keen to get involved, they could have asked in the form of a question, here on the Worcester Park blog... you've proved how easy that is!

So what's stopping them? Since it was so easy for any trader to get in touch and get involved with the Christmas Late Night, it would appear they're not involved out of personal choice and they're trying to blame everybody else!

Of course, there's still time for them to get involved ... unless it suits them not to!

The VinBin said...

Don't forget the VinBin, we'll be participating too!

Visit our stall (or barrel) on the night and take part in our raffle, and then come and see us in the shop to see if you've won a fantastic bottle of wine for Christmas!

Anonymous said...

..... or the Friends of Worcester Park Library Christmas Craft Fair. Cakes, Name the bear, Lucky dip, Toy tombola, raffle and Homemade crafts. Friday 25th November 6pm - 8pm and Saturday 26th November 12pm - 3pm

Anonymous said...

The four I know of will be open and joining the event. I just think it is sad that when the people organising the event do not approach all the business in the high street, if even by a letter. The first they hear of it is via this blog. One or two would have been happy to sponsor the event with the listed other traders which would have benefited all.

But hey it is here now and most people are staying open. I hope everyone has a great night.

Resident A said...

Any idea if this is happening this year? We've really enjoyed it in previous years so would be sad if it wasn't happening again.

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