Friday, 18 November 2011

Burglary Warning

Unfortunately I have received e-mails from a number of blog readers informing me of burglaries in and around the Worcester Park area over the last week or so. 

I have had reports of houses being broken into near the Co-Op in Old Malden, in Cuddington Avenue, Shrubland Grove and near Cheam Common Infants School.

It would sadly appear that there has been an increased level of burglaries in the local area recently, so I would urge all blog readers to be vigilant and take a moment to read the Metropolitan Police's burglary prevention advice pages.

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cctv said...

Theft and Burglary are definitely on the up everywhere. you only have to read the local paper to see that. Thank you Worcester park blog for directing people towards the Mets Burglary prevention website. These simple steps really do make a difference. I works for a local council Cctv control room and we love catching these low life's. Remember don't leave windows unsecure at night when your asleep. Never leave your keys near your letter box and beware that burglarys can slip devices in through letter boxes and open doors if your door is left unlocked from the inside.
If you see anything suspicious or something just doesn't look right ring the police. Nine times out of ten these people are caught or disturbed because of information from the public.

Anonymous said...

Apparently the 'low life' have been gaining access to back gardens in WP by using nearby wheelie bins to get over locked gates.
Time to put up the razor wire !!!!!!

OldMaldy said...

Sad to report another burglary today (during the day) in one of the roads off Church Road in Old Malden. House accessed via the back gardens. They seems to be taking things easy to carry, laptops, phones, jewellery. Advice from the PC was keep your curtains drawn if you have them at the back of your house. low life scum, they have no idea how what they do affects people and unfortunately they probably don't care either.

Anonymous said...

There was a similar burglary in Elmstead Gardens two days ago. Usual story, through the back garden. I don't know all the details but we definitely need to make things harder for the scum to gain access as they are taking advantage of the alley ways. Not razor blades though. Think of the cats. Any other ideas welcome.

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