Tuesday, 18 October 2011

One Way To Annoy Me

An angry resident of Longfellow Road writes:

"I have been living on Longfellow Road for coming up to four years and I am a qualified driver of 20 years so I would say I am well versed on the rules of the road and the reading of road signs - especially those on the road where I live.

What a lot of self-righteous people (who don't live on Longfellow road) don't know is that it's NOT all a one way street.

Yes from Hazelmere Gardens to Central Road the one way rule starts, but not before that.

My gripe is when I drive down Longfellow Road towards Green Lane I get accosted by all sorts of drivers, not to mention pedestrians, shaking their heads at me or hanging out their windows shouting at me that it's a one way system. I just reply and say I live on the road and the one way system starts at Hazelmere Gardens.

Today took the biscuit completely, not being able to find parking anywhere due to all the 'station cars' I had to drive back down Longfellow Road away from Central Road to a spot I'd passed only to meet oncoming traffic.

I pulled in to allow cars to pass yet again to be met with shaking heads and finger wagging! Even a man pushing a buggy shouted at me that it was a one way system.

What is wrong with these people who are so quick to comment? When they seem to know nothing anything.

To these people I say mind your own business!"

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Anonymous said...

i must try that and see what happens

Anonymous said...

I have total sympathy with Mr Angry Resident of Longfellow - I've been driving for longer than I care to remember and the situation down Longfellow winds me up as well. In the last lot of roadworks I got caught down there, but not too far down to be unable to turn around, only to be told by someone, with a 'P' sign attached to their number plate, that wouldn't let me past, that I was going the wrong way! I 'politely' told her to refer to her highway code book and suggested she learnt her road signs properly!

BenjyP said...

I forgot it was a two way street at that area until I nearly got crashed into by a 4X4 whilst on my bike. I had only looked right when I got to the bottom of Browning. I disappointly (but appropriately) had to look down at the floor while the driver rightly dressed me down for not looking where I was going, his comment of "Look where you are going you stupid c***" still rings in my ears. It was echoed by the driver behind him also saying "You'll get yourself killed you stupid p****". Bizarrely in this scenario it could be argued that both were words of wisdom

Perhaps if someone else would like to repeat my actions except get mangled it would highlight the plight of these poor individuals who nearly get in an accident every time the turn left from Lincoln Avenue

Anonymous said...

It wouldbe safer...and better if the whole road was one way...and get rid of all the users who just park togo to the station. It's awful that residents can't park in their own road because people from other council tax brackets probably park there!!!!!!

Residents only parking!!!!

Anonymous said...

I noticed as well Longfellow is 20 miles per hour but cars speed down there - this needs to be reinforced!

Anonymous said...

I had the same issue when I lived along that bit of Longfellow. Some silly woman stopped and shouted 'its one way!!' once as if I was some sort of out of control teenage joy-rider and when I stopped and pointed out the error of her anger she did the 'yeah whatever'. The lines down the middle of the road are a bit of a giveaway (providing theyre still there).

Geoff said...

So have the residents ever got up a petition to the council for residents parking along this road?

Tufty said...

How very community spirited of you, BenjyP!

Alternatively, rather than wish another local resident 'mangled', to diminish your own sense of embarrassment and responsibility, here's an age-old, painless solution - and it won't even cost your fellow citizens a penny:


Paul said...

Tufty - great link. Great fun trawling through those archive films. I think I might drop some litter in Central Road to see if those short-skirted girls appear from nowhere and chase after me...

Lord Cynic of Lindsay said...

Dear Mr "Angry Resident of Longfellow Road".
My sympathies. The ill-informed residents to which you refer are generously sprinkled throughout our lives and are part of the primordial soup we all have to wade through on our righteous paths. We must continue to figuratively rugby tackle our way through them.

Another Longfellow Road resident!!! said...

Dear Geoff... some time ago there was a questionnaire sent around residents of Longfellow asking for people's thoughts on resident's parking on the road because the council were thinking of doing it. Nothing seems to have come of it, unfortunately - I can only guess that the majority were not in favour. Having heard some aghast neighbours moaning about having to pay to park outside their own doors, I can only assume the majority were not in favour because they would have to pay around £40 a year for a resident's permit... I personally would be happy to may this if it meant parking may be a little easier.

Although it does have to be said, that while I witness commuters parking on the road during the week, and it does drive me nuts! The road is no less busy at weekends - which presumably can't be commuters!

Ah well, the parking is so bad that I am considering moving. There is nothing worse than getting home with the groceries, baby in tow, and having to park a mile away from your own house...

Geoff said...

Well that's a bit of a strange attitude although not unexpected. Surely when a prospective buyer of a house in Longfellow Road sees the parking problem, that's either going to put them off or reflect in the price of the houses. I know that the council charging for residents parking wrankles a bit, but if that's going to make a house more saleable or indeed worth more, surely it's a price worth paying?

Another Longfellow Road resident said...

Re Geoff

I totally agree with you. I would much rather pay a small price for parking if it made life easier, never mind selling a house!!!

but small minds....

anyway, I hope to move on elsewhere next year - probably stay in the area, just somewhere with private parking!!!

BTW, the parking doesn't seem to put people off in this road, because houses sell quite quickly and at optimum prices.. wait until they move in and realise!

Anonymous said...

i can't believe people woulnd't be prepared to pay £40 a year for residents parking only in Longfellow! maybe its our lovely Sutton council not having done anything about it...... why don't we all write to them and try and get something done. I too hate getting home after a hard day at work to not be able to park because people are using our road to save parking money to go to London on the train

Anonymous said...

Public highways are not supposed to be car parks, though I appreciate many houses were built before car ownership.

Worcester Park has too many older residents in tatty houses (the biggest troublemakers) who insist on collecting old bangers and leaving them on the roads. Old Minis, etc.

In order to park on the road, a vehicle needs a tax disk. Presumably you need an MOT certificate in order to get a tax disk. I wonder whether the VW camper van near the high road has passed an MOT. People affected by it should pursue this with the council.

The council needs to encourage people to turn their front gardens into parking, though will this just result in the old folk collecting more old bangers?

If you don't drive, trying to stop other people from parking on your driveway can become a battle - so, remember, people without a car who turn their land into parking may have to put up with a lot of hassle from the troublemakers.

And don't park close to side roads. Otherwise, emergency vehicles may not be able to turn into the road.

On the Hamptons, I wonder how many of the visitors' bays are used by residents with more than one car. But give the residents there some credit: no worn-out Ford Cortinas, etc.

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