Monday, 24 October 2011

Insulating Our Intelligence

Incredibly (I forget quite what it was had done in the preceding 12 months to earn such a privilege) I was allowed out one night last week, leaving Mrs WP home alone in charge of the remote control.

Just as my night was getting underway, I received a call from a worried Mrs WP to tell me that she had been paid a visit by a very pushy salesman who wanted to check out the loft insulation and, when refused entry to the house, proceeded to ring the bell incessantly, demanding to be allowed in to see the loft.

Being the caring and concerned husband, I immediately told her how caring and concerned I was, advised her to ensure the front door was locked and got on with the rest of my evening. 

Today a concerned blog reader contacted me to tell me about a worrying visit by another loft insulation sales person today:

"My partner and I have just been visited (odd, for a Monday evening) by a young lady advising us we were entitled to local Council subsidised insulation for our loft conversation. 

We were advised that a number of other locals had accepted this great offer and it would only cost us around £200.00 with the Council fronting the balance of the cost.

This sounded like a great idea and, as we had already discussed getting a quote, we decided to proceed. However, when asked if we could take the contract, consider it and let the young lady know our final decision in a few days we were advised that we had to accept there and then or we would be ineligible for the grant. 

As a person who works in sales this sounded extremely odd so I advised her that we would not be proceeding.

Alas, my curiosity got the better of me and I decided to google "insulation scams London" and low and behold it turns out that this is in fact a bit dodgy. Yes you get the insulation but not necessarily the very best deal available.

Has anyone else been visited by this young lady and/or is anyone else aware of this?"

My normal tactic when these loft insulation people come knocking is to tell that that we rent the house. That normally gets rid of them pretty quickly. 

Have any other blog readers had unwanted visits from these pesky people?

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Graham said...

They were in Windsor Road today. The salesman (an Asian guy in his twenties) said he worked for a company called Miller Patterson, and they were working for the council. We were suspicious, so searched and found this article on Sutton Council's website:

We then contacted Trading Standards. Apparently, they are a genuine company but they are acting illegally by falsely claiming to be working with the council.

Lord Cynic of Lindsay said...

Lady Cynic entertained a young insulator at the door tonight (Antipodean from what I could hear). She sent him packing sharpish, as we do with all peddlers. Never conduct your business at the door is the moral here.

Nichu said...

Yes, we had three visits fairly late one evening recently. Very pushy, but we just said we weren't interested. Amusingly he said "Well, I've been round three times!" as if that was going to convince us. I'm not exactly loaded but for the sake of £200 I'd rather just pay it than listen to some irritating person pestering me on my doorstep. Don't really see how they can make any money to pay the salespeople, probably hence the pushiness. An elderly relative was pestered in a similar fashion for loft insulation (not in Worcester Park) - luckily she didn't fall for it. What a con.

Janet A said...

I once had a teenage salesman (Zenith Windows) knock on my door by throwing a football at the glass panel. As the bang reverberated through the house i wondered how that was meant to endear them to me? Perhaps they thought if they smashed my existing windows i'd buy some of theirs?!?

Magic Dragon said...

Two of them have been spotted in Worcester Park and Stoneleigh knocking on doors, about 7.30pm in the dark and looking rather suspicious standing looking up at houses with their clipboards. It's not fair to worry people, especially the elderly at that time of night.

Peoples Front of Buckland Way said...

I completed the job myself last Christmas (present to the wife..!) after visiting a well know DIY centre at Shannon Corner where they are selling roles of Space Blanket for less than £20 a roll (today's prices). I think I used 6 or 7 rolls maximum in my loft - cheaper to do it yourself even with driving there and back twice to get it all in the car.

Anonymous said...

This happened to me, though a little while ago! had quite a few visits in the space of a few weeks, with the same story - re the council and others in the street taking them up on the offer. As I NEVER do any business with unsolicited callers, I said no - it didn't go down very well... not the pushiest I have had though - the worst from a guy from Southern (electric I think?) - telling me, and I mean telling me, to change the company I pay my gas bills to to them, because they supply the gas anyway, and I am only paying more by paying another company. When I said I would look into myself online, he got very aggressive and even put his foot in the door when I tried to close it! I don't bother answering the door any more to these people...

Anonymous said...

Just do what my mother does... tell them you're renting & it's not your house. They soon disappear.

Anonymous said...

Today, we were approached by someone from a company, said to be working with Sutton Council, offering free energy saving devices, such as an efficent shower head, a 3-pin plug adaptor which automatically turns off multiple electrical items and a power consumption monitor.

We guessed it was a scam and phoned the council ... who told us it was all genuine!

Geoff said...

If they wanted money, it was a scam. The savings on all of these devices is so trivial, but is used to play upon the consience of the consumer into thinking that it makes a difference. It's all about profit, it always has been and always will be.

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