Monday, 24 October 2011

Insulating Our Intelligence

Incredibly (I forget quite what it was had done in the preceding 12 months to earn such a privilege) I was allowed out one night last week, leaving Mrs WP home alone in charge of the remote control.

Just as my night was getting underway, I received a call from a worried Mrs WP to tell me that she had been paid a visit by a very pushy salesman who wanted to check out the loft insulation and, when refused entry to the house, proceeded to ring the bell incessantly, demanding to be allowed in to see the loft.

Being the caring and concerned husband, I immediately told her how caring and concerned I was, advised her to ensure the front door was locked and got on with the rest of my evening. 

Today a concerned blog reader contacted me to tell me about a worrying visit by another loft insulation sales person today:

"My partner and I have just been visited (odd, for a Monday evening) by a young lady advising us we were entitled to local Council subsidised insulation for our loft conversation. 

We were advised that a number of other locals had accepted this great offer and it would only cost us around £200.00 with the Council fronting the balance of the cost.

This sounded like a great idea and, as we had already discussed getting a quote, we decided to proceed. However, when asked if we could take the contract, consider it and let the young lady know our final decision in a few days we were advised that we had to accept there and then or we would be ineligible for the grant. 

As a person who works in sales this sounded extremely odd so I advised her that we would not be proceeding.

Alas, my curiosity got the better of me and I decided to google "insulation scams London" and low and behold it turns out that this is in fact a bit dodgy. Yes you get the insulation but not necessarily the very best deal available.

Has anyone else been visited by this young lady and/or is anyone else aware of this?"

My normal tactic when these loft insulation people come knocking is to tell that that we rent the house. That normally gets rid of them pretty quickly. 

Have any other blog readers had unwanted visits from these pesky people?