Saturday, 22 October 2011

Age Concerns

The Office of National Statistics has just released the latest figures for life expectancy in the U.K. - and it's good news for readers of the Worcester Park Blog. Well, for some of you, any way.

Let's take 'Male life expectancy at age 65 for males 2008-2010' as an example. If you live in the Sutton Borough part of Worcester Park, 65-year old men can expect to reach the ripe old age of 83.4 years.

If however you feel that in the words of the late Elvis Presley, you've "still got a whole lot more living to do", simply move slightly westwards under the railway bridge and you can cheat death for a further 8 whole months because in the part of Worcester Park covered by the Borough of Kingston, you can expect to make it all the way to your 84th birthday. 

Happy days. But wait, 84 years simply isn't enough to enjoy everything that Worcester Park has to offer. I mean, you'll want to live long enough to see the end of these water mains works, surely?

Fortunately, there is a solution. Simply shuffle across into the part of Worcester Park that falls under the Borough of Epsom & Ewell and you can positively laugh in the face of mortality as you will live until the ripe old age of 84.9 years.

You can check your life expectancy at  - after which I suggest you close your browser and start enjoying however many years you find you have left.

[With thanks to blog reader 'Jeff' who inspire this article. Well, when I say 'inspired', I mean 'wrote'.]