Tuesday, 27 September 2011

It's Chriiiiisssstmassss!

It's September, for frick sake. But that hasn't stopped Waitrose putting our their Christmas range on the shelves already.

Mind you, with the new layout still so confusing perhaps it's a good thing that they've given their customers 3 months in which to find the festive section.

But seriously, this is so depressing I nearly shot myself in the head with a self-scan gun. Who the hell buys this stuff in September?

Name and shame, please.

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Maury Chris Mas said...

Maybe the WP donkey is booking room at the Inn on an early bird rate?

If we're thinking of Christmas earlier than ever, then perhaps the the WPark Traders Association Christmas Late Night can be better organised and worthwhile. Though maybe not have the tacky 'funfair' rides blocking up the pavements eh?

Oh how about having a proper Christmas fair on the sportsground field? Anyone up for that?

Ho ho ho.

KT4 shopper said...

Yes, Maury the WP Traders could dig deep into their pockets and provide a costly and luxurious Christmas Fair, completely free to all the usual local ‘something for nothing’ suspects, who believe Christmas is all about obtaining as much as they can at the least possible cost and effort.

But I think our traders would be wiser to prioritise those who actually inject something positive into their businesses and community, like their staff, their customers, their families and local charities - rather than those ‘asses’ simply on the take, putting ‘holes’ in our traders’ pockets.

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